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2-year-old beats cancer after long treatment and moves the web; watching video

Upon his discharge from the hospital, Noah Io rang the “Winners’ Bell” in appreciation of the health unit

Baby Noah Eyo, who is only two years old, caused quite a stir online when he appeared on a Video celebrating beating cancer. Upon his discharge from the hospital, the “winners’ bell” rang in honor of the health unit.

Noah celebrated his cancer treatment by ringing the hospital bell – Photo: Nikki Io / SWNS

The child was born in Angels, in California, United State In 2021, he was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a malignant tumor that affects the liver of children before the age of 3 years.

Notably, the boy has already been beating fans since he attended his last chemotherapy session dressed as a superhero.

watching video:

Several surgeries

In addition to chemotherapy, Noah underwent a liver transplant and surgery on his lung, which was also affected by the tumor.

The child even became an ambassador for Children’s Cancer of America for the strength and courage he showed during treatment, according to the Daily Mail.

“normal life”

Noah’s mother said she was excited about her daughter’s recovery and wanted him to be “just a normal kid for once”.

The moment the boy rang the hospital bell was an important event for him and his family, and it went viral on the internet.

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