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20 years since the historic handshake between Felipe VI and Letizia

20 years since the historic handshake between Felipe VI and Letizia

a The list of Spanish kings contains many stunning images, but there is one that is remembered every year in October.

This is the handshake between then-Prince Felipe and his current wife in 2003, before the Prince of Asturias awards were awarded. At the time, Letizia was the face of TVE news and it was common for Felipe to go to the Reconquista Hotel, in Oviedo, where journalists had set up their “base of operations”, to receive them before chairing the awards ceremony.

On the day it was taken, the photo, now 20 years old, was of little interest, but a few days later it gained full fame.

Felipe VI and Letizia at the Reconquista Hotel, in Asturias, in 2003© Getty Images

On that day, in Asturias, the relationship between the Crown Prince and the journalist was still completely secret, so the two had to greet each other as if they were not intimate in any way.

A few days later, in November, the engagement of Felipe and Letizia was announced, news that surprised the Spaniards and was not immediately well received, due to the then-future princess’s roots, which were not noble.

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