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2022 comes with a general increase in prices.  Discover the sectors most affected - News

2022 comes with a general increase in prices. Discover the sectors most affected – News

Electricity increases for those in the regulated market, but also for customers who have already moved into the liberalized market.

Traffic and transportation fees also register increases, as well as rents.

The known pricing updates for 2022 are as follows:


The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) announced on December 15 that the price of electricity for households in the regulated market will rise by 0.2% next year.

For consumers who remain in the regulated market (which represents 5% of total consumption and 915,000 customers), or who, being in the free market, have chosen a similar rate, the average annual variance of the temporary rates of sales to final customers in low effort is 0.2%,” referred to at the time, in a statement, the regulator.

However, ERSE indicated, in January 2022, consumers will see an average decrease of 3.4% compared to the prices in effect in December of this year.

Social tariff consumers will benefit from a 33.8% discount on the sales tariff for end customers.

In the liberalized market, EDP Comercial’s electricity tariff will rise an average of 2.4% in 2022, which corresponds to an increase in home bills of about 90 cents per month, reflecting rising energy costs.

An official source at Energy Trader Liberated Market Lusa said Endesa will maintain electricity prices for families and small businesses on January 1.

In turn, Galp will increase electricity prices from January 1, an increase of about €2.7 per month for the most representative contracting authorities, an official company source told Lusa.


Rents will rise 0.43% in 2022, after being frozen this year, a notice from INE confirmed, published in October, represents an increase of about 43 cents for every 100 euros of income.

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The update factor of 0.43% for leases in rural and urban areas for 2022, published in Diario da Republica, occurred after the freeze this year, after negative variation in the price index, increases of 0.51% in 2020, and 1.15% in 2019., 1.12% in 2018, 0.54% in 2017 and 0.16% in 2016.


Highway toll rates are expected to rise 1.84% in 2022, taking into account year-on-year inflation, excluding housing for October, released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

In 2020 and 2021, toll rates remain unchanged after four consecutive years of increases: in 2019, highway tolls increased 0.98%, after increases of 1.42% in 2018, from 0.84% ​​in 2017 and 0.62% in year 2016.


The public transport price that will be effective from January 1, 2022 will be updated by 0.57%, according to the Transport and Communications Authority (AMT).

On the other hand, the prices of social permits in Porto will remain unchanged in 2022, according to the president of the Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP), Eduardo Vitor Rodriguez.

Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa (TML) has announced that the Navegante, Municipal and Metropolitano single passes will maintain their value next year, at €30 and €40, respectively.


Nowo’s official source told Lusa that “for the coming year, no price update is planned” by the electronic communications operator.

An official source said that Meo, of Altice Portugal, “will update the base rate of the monthly fee in tariffs / bundles, effective January 1, 2022, in accordance with the contractual terms”.

The remaining operators have not yet announced their decision.

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Mandatory inspections

The price of the mandatory inspection of light vehicles has increased to 31.80 euros and heavy vehicles to 47.59 euros as of January 1, according to a decision published in the newspaper Diário da República.

The increase in tariffs for technical inspection of road vehicles, stipulated by a decision of the Institute of Mobility and Transport, is effective from 1 January 2022 and is based on the latest update by the National Statistics Institute of the inflation rate (without housing), back to November 2021, at an average of ​Annual rate of change (without housing) of 0.99%.

The selection displays the base value for light vehicles of €25.85, plus a value-added tax of 23%.

The basic tariff for heavy vehicles increased to €38.69, plus VAT, for motorcycles, tricycles and quad bikes to €13.02 and for trailers and semi-trailers to €25.85.

The basic fee for re-examination of inspections rises to 6.48 euros, the assignment or replacement of registrations to 64.53 euros, the extraordinary fee to 90.25 euros and the issuance of a true copy of the inspection form/certificate to 2.43 euros.