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2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS is the heart of the 911 GT3

2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS is the heart of the 911 GT3

After 16 years, Porsche has finally given its mid-engine Cayman sports car the RS treatment, and it’s a great car. The 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS made its debut Tuesday night in front of the Los Angeles Auto Show, powered by a 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine from Porsche 911 GT3.

Yes, you read that correctly. instead of the menu Cayman GT4Derived from the regular non-turbocharged 3.0-liter 911 Carrera, the GT4 RS uses the exclusive 4.0-liter engine of the 992 GT3. The Cayman produces 493 hp and 331 lb-ft of torque, 79 hp and 14 lb-ft more than the standard GT4. And a little lower than the GT3. The best part is that the GT4 RS engine runs at 9000 rpm, which is identical to the GT3 engine. The current GT4 drops to “only” 8000 rpm, so the GT4 RS should have a totally obsessive sound and character—especially with the optional titanium exhaust tips.

The only transmission option is the seven-speed dual-clutch PDK automatic transmission, which has gears shorter than PDK optional In the standard GT4 and the same manual transmission design as the 911 GT3. Porsche says the GT4 RS will hit 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds, half a second faster than the regular GT4 with PDK and at the same time as the GT3, and reach a top speed of 196 mph. MPH, 9 MPH is above the norm. The GT4 is 1 mph slower than the GT3.

Its heart is the 911 GT3.


As the Porsche RS model, there are a number of aerodynamic and structural changes designed to extract maximum performance on the track. The most noticeable difference is the swan neck rear spoiler, which is inspired by the 911 RSR race car. The GT4 RS also has an adjustable front splitter, new side blades in front of the front wheels, front mudguards, NACA ducts in the hood, a new rear and lower diffuser, and radial air intakes that replace the Cayman’s rear side windows. Porsche says the GT4 RS generates 25% more downforce than the regular GT4.

Ride height has been lowered by 1.2 inches, and the GT4 RS uses 20-inch alloy wheels with center locks, a Cayman innovation. Standard tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 or Dunlop Sport Max, but the high-viscosity Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R rubber is optional. The adjustable suspension system has new shock absorbers, modified springs, new stabilizer bars and ball joints. Porsche says the GT4 RS is 49 pounds lighter than the PDK-equipped GT4, with weight-saving measures including a lightweight rear window, new door panels with cloth handles, and carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic construction for the hood and front fenders.

The GT4 RS generates a lot of downforce.


An optional Weissach package gives the hood, air intakes, side mirrors and rear spoiler a carbon fiber finish. The Weissach package also adds titanium exhaust tips, Porsche text on the rear window, suede Race-Tex panel, Weissach RS badge and headrest stitching. An additional option for Weissach-equipped vehicles are magnesium wheels, which are available in a deep radiant sea blue to match the titanium exhaust color when heated. Porsche expects 70% of GT4 RS buyers to choose the Weissach package, similar to the purchase price of the 991 GT3 RS and GT2 RS models. The images here show a European-spec model with the Clubsport package that adds a step cage that will not be offered in the US.

All this results in an absolute beast on the racetrack. GT4 RS already known Time from Vault de Violent Nurburgring At 7 minutes 9.3 seconds in the longest and shortest track configuration ever used, the RS is about 24 seconds faster than the standard GT4. Porsche’s original goal for the loop was 7 minutes 15 seconds – the RS became much faster.

Blue wheels!


Andreas Breuninger, president of GT at Porsche, says the GT4 RS is “the most powerful car we’ve ever built, including the 911 R,” adding that it “will make history as one of the most exciting GTs to date.” That’s a great statement, but I believe in it. Brueninger says the GT division has always wanted to make an RS version of the Cayman, with customers asking for it since the original GT4 launched in 2015, but had to adapt to the car’s life cycle. “Now is the best time to reach the peak.”

When it goes on sale next summer, the GT4 RS will start at $143,050 including destination, $40,500 more than the standard GT4 but $20,700 cheaper than the 911 GT3. Porsche doesn’t limit production. The GT4 RS will be on sale as long as the 718 Cayman remains, which should last at least a few years until the 718 is electrified mid-decade.

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