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2024 Tax Calendar: Find out when to pay and receive your taxes

2024 Tax Calendar: Find out when to pay and receive your taxes

When do I have to pay the Single Car Tax (IUC)? How long can IRS personal income tax be filed? By what dates is the municipal property tax (IMI) due?

To help answer these questions, we decided to put families' tax obligations into a calendar that you can keep and refer to throughout the year.

There are common dates for all taxpayers, such as the IRS, when income returns begin to be filed (April 1) or the deadline to do so (June 30). The dates for informing the family of changes (February 15) or validating bills (February 25) are also the same for everyone.

In the case of IMI, payment dates depend on the tax value of the home. When it comes to an amount up to €100, the entire amount must be paid in one monthly payment, by May 31. The amount, which ranges between 100 and 500 euros, can be divided into two tranches, with the second to be delivered by August 31. When the tax exceeds 500 euros, it can be paid in three installments, the last of which is until November 30.

The most customizable tax is the IUC, which is paid on the last day of the month in which the car is registered. “If the last day of the month falls on a weekend, payment can be made until the next business day,” it says Government portal.

To avoid missing important dates, here's a summary of what you need to know:

  • January
    • 31: International Federation Council: At the end of each month following the registration anniversary, the individual trading tax is due. tax authority: The deadline for landlords to declare, on paper or on a finance portal, the rent paid by tenants in the previous year, if they are not required to issue electronic rent receipts, expires.
  • February
    • 15: tax authority: Deadline to verify family health or make changes regarding tax status for 2023. Confirmation can be made at Finance portal.
    • 26: tax authority: The deadline for checking and listing invoices on the portal has passed Electronic invoice, which will be relevant to IRS tax deductions. If you discover unrecorded payments, you can include them manually.
  • He walks
    • 15: tax authority: Based on the invoices, AT has, to this date, published information on the Finance Portal with the amounts of tax deductions, which will allow taxpayers to file a complaint if they find that the calculation is wrong.
    • 31: tax authority: Taxpayers have until March 31 to file a complaint about the calculation made by AT, which will be assumed in the IRS announcement. The deadline to do this is the day before filing starts.
  • April
    • 1: tax authority: The deadline to file an IRS return for 2023 income has begun (there are three months to do so, until June 30).
  • maybe
    • 31: IMI: Deadline for IMI payment from previous year. Up to 100 euros, the tax is paid in one bracket. Between 100 and 500 euros is paid in two installments. More than 500 euros, paid in three monthly installments. In all cases, the first payment must be made by May 31.
  • June
    • 30: tax authority: IRS filing deadline.
  • July
    • 31: tax authority: For returns filed by June 30, AT has one month, until July 31, for the 2023 IRS reconciliation (to calculate the tax and notify taxpayers of the reconciliation).
  • August
    • 31: tax authority: The deadline for the Tax Authority to pay the Tax Authority’s response expires if the taxpayer has submitted the return within the usual deadline (until June 30). It is important to make sure your IBAN is up to date. tax authority: If the IRS's final calculation results in the tax being handed over to the state, it must be paid by August 31 (this is the deadline that applies to those who filed the return within the regular deadline and were notified of the assessment by July 31). IMI: The deadline for paying the second monthly installment of IMI is when the tax amount is between 100 and 500 euros.
  • November
    • 30: IMI: Deadline for payment of the third monthly installment of IMI when the tax amount is higher than EUR 500.
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