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25 Android Games & Apps are Temporarily Free on Play Store

25 Android Games & Apps are Temporarily Free on Play Store

The Google Play Store is full of good apps, they are usually paid, but they are temporarily free for those who want to renew the collection of apps installed on their Android smartphones or tablets. Here you will find the best opportunities for this week!

Browse the list of apps and games indicating the promotional period for each title and choosing the one that best suits your taste. We picked several types of fun games, and some productivity apps as well as customization.

Boost the productivity of your smartphone or tablet

Simple Navigation Bar – Navigation Bar – Simple Control – The cost is 0.79 euros – Free for 3 days

Simple Nav Bar is an app that allows you to customize the Android navigation buttons, and extend its functionality. It is useful for those who want to adjust the icon, color, and action when the button is clicked or pressed for more options and commands.

Free games to install on Android

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We have many RPGs, many of them Archers, endless runners And many 8-bit old games that you can install without paying on your smartphone for fun. We still have Tower defense With classic mechanics, but many new features for the first game.

In any case, you have several titles from other genres, from Solitaire, to continuous-action shooters. Try these titles, go through the reviews and decide which ones are really worth installing on your Android smartphone.

Personalization apps and icon packs

Above, we have some icon packs to customize the look of your smartphone, as well as a widget with inspirational quotes for your smartphone or tablet. Above all, we are highlighting Hexanet White, which is a uniquely designed icon pack.

These apps will be reimbursed after the promotional period, but will continue to install and work properly on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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