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25 Premium Android Games & Apps for Free Now on the Google Play Store

25 Premium Android Games & Apps for Free Now on the Google Play Store

Just in time to celebrate the weekend, we have a selection of paid apps that you can now install without paying via the Google Play Store. These are some of the best apps and games for Android for free temporarily.

All content has been published for free on the Play Store for free by the respective developers and studios for a few days, as shown in each app. So they can download apps excellent No payment, with all content made available to interested parties.

Below we explain not only the duration of the promotion during which applications can be installed without payment, but also the usual price for these games and premium applications. Moreover, they will find paths to the Google Play Store for installation.

Android general use apps

  1. Accurate weather forecast – Cost €4.09 – Free for 2 days
  2. Mini Wheels Pro: Recording Miniatures Cost: €0.59 – free for 2 days
  3. Unit Lab – Converter & Calculator – Cost: 0.69€ – Free for 2 days
  4. 3D Chess World – Cost 0.69€ – Free for 4 days

First of all, we highlight some of the general useful apps for Android devices. They are, by their nature, apps that can help you fall asleep, learn Korean, or add functionality to the screen of your Android mobile device.

In particular we aim to Accurate weather forecast, an accurate weather solution, with sleek, animated UI elements, packed with functionality to get the task at hand.

Games to install on your Android smartphone

  1. unfathomable Cost: €1.19 – free for 2 days
  2. Tales of the Black Death – France – Cost 2.19 € – Free for 2 days
  3. infinite launch – Cost 0.99 € – Free for 4 days
  4. Cartoon Craft – Cost: 1.49 € – Free for 5 days
  5. Defender Legend Premium: Hero Champions TD – Cost 0.59 € – Free for 5 days
  6. Message Quest – Feste’s Great Adventures – Cost: 1.59€ – Free for 5 days
  7. The Adventures of Cat Baker Cost: €0.59 – Free for 6 days
  8. Cyber ​​Fighters: Stickman League RPG Legends – Cost 1.09 € – Free for 6 days
  9. Travel through the Healing Wood Block – Cost 0.69 € – Free for 6 days
  10. Stories: Your Choice (Interactive Novels) – Cost 3.99 € – Free for 6 days
  11. Click on Legend Premium: Hero Fight Offline Cost: €0.59 – Free for 6 days
  12. Timing Hero PV: Retro Fighting Action RPG – Cost 3.69 € – Free for 6 days
  13. TouchTouchPangPang – Cost: 0.69 € – Free for 6 days
  14. VIP King of Weapons – Cost 1.09 € – Free for 7 days
  15. Cooking Love Premium: Kitchen, Restaurant Game – Cost 0.99 € – Free for 7 days
  16. Wealth Secret 2 – Cost 2.79 € – Free for 7 days
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Secondly, we have defined the list of paid games for free temporarily for Android with the titles of the most diverse genres. Anyway, you can install them all without paying and try these fun games to pass the time.

You have many action games and shooting games as well as some puzzle games and jigsaw games. Besides, you have many story games, as well as shooting games and story games. The user just has to follow the link and install without paying.

More specifically, for those who love story-driven games, we recommend the different story games listed here. These are, as a rule, premium games that you can download right now without paying.

Personalization apps for Android

  1. Light Blue Icon Pack – Cost €0.99 – Free for 7 hours
  2. Annabelle UI Icon Pack Cost: €1.69 – free for one day
  3. koren icon pack Cost: €1.69 – free for one day
  4. Aaron Icon Pack – Cost 0.89 € – Free for 7 days
  5. Odyssey – Icon Pack– Cost 0.59 € – Free for 7 days

Finally, we present the applications to change the appearance set of icons of installed applications. They are simple apps that change the look of your Android tablet or smartphone depending on the design language of each package.

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