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27. St..  Dominica.  Mykona Juchimsuk winner, Simon Kulka Poland champion

27. St.. Dominica. Mykona Juchimsuk winner, Simon Kulka Poland champion

August 8, 2021 at 08:30

The preface to “Chase Saint Dominic” initially gathered 500 fans running

Mykona Juchimsuk (Ukraine) won the 27th St. Dominica and Lotus won the trophy at the main distance. On the other hand, Poland 10 km champion Simon Kulka (Granwald Bosnas) took third place. Organized by the Lechia Gdask Athletic Club since 1994, the event returned to Main Town Street after a one-year hiatus. It lasted more than 4 hours. In total, about 900 participants presented themselves in all competitions.

27. St.. Dominica – Read the announcement

The 4-hour event, which traditionally ran through the streets of the main city in Gdańsk, began with the preamble “Goń św. Dominik”. Initially, it gathered about a thousand participants … for a few months, they traveled this path in the hands of Brahms or parents, until they were 87 years old. Was the oldest Stanislaw Niviski From Gdańsk.

– The most important thing is that we are re-implementing this project. A year ago, we wanted to, but it wasn’t our fault. This year, I have prepared an event plan based on collaboration with all the uniform organizations and the municipal organization. We can deal with all the problems and organize the show. It is true that the Govt rules imposed certain procedures and operational time, so this event is not as active as always because there should be more intervals – he stressed Stanislav Lange, 27th St. Director Dominica and director of the Lechia Gdask Athletic Club.
After the amateurs faced a distance of about 1,200 meters, more than 300 athletes and 5 km competitors presented themselves in the Lotto Cup and the Energy Cup. Since then, nearly 30 proms and wheelchairs have been raced on handbikes and traditional proms at the Kim PFRON Cup. We will look at these competitions in detail in the articles to be published on August 9th and 10th.

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Now what we need to focus on for dessert is the main race of the 10 km Lotus Cup, which for the 12th time has the quality of the Poland Street Championship this distance. The PLN 50,000 prize money was the highest paid after him.

For Govt reasons, this time there are no Kenyans. Representatives of this nation often won the main race of the event. They won ten times. In this situation we will see the seventh Polish victory we have been waiting for since 2010 or it was clear that the Ukrainian representative will be in the lead for the second time.

Marcin Sabovsky, Winner of 2009-10, starts at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This is a pity, because at this rate he would be a favorite. But the poles at the start can also “take” the Ukrainians. The motivation for them may be other than money, because if one of them wins within 30 minutes, he can earn about PLN 6,000 – Director Lange reminded before the start.

Mykoła Juchymczuk (No. 2) won the 27th St. Dominica. Third in the finish line – Szimon Kulka (No. 1) became the Polish champion in the 10 km street race.

Photo: Jacek Klejment /

However, we got it back in 2016 when he won Dimitro Lacin From Ukraine, another Simon Gulca, Poland won the title of champion. The latter was given to run No. 1.

Almost back since 2016. Read the report from that stream

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From the start, the Ukrainians commanded a strong pace, with three of them standing at the start as announced. Out of 38 runners, the lead of 7 persons quickly retreated. As the run lasted a long time, the next runners crashed. At first, there were five of them, and after half, the group was divided into two parts.

They progressed Mykoła Juchymczuk I Vitaly Saffron From Ukraine, it is followed by three poles: Simon Gulca, Tomas Crico I Damien Cabot. It can be said that the organizers correctly assessed the strength of the contestants and awarded them in large numbers. There were players marked 1 to 4 at the front, and only “8” on the shelf.

In the last two rounds, each 940 meters long, Juchimsuk ran away from his country in 29 minutes and 14 seconds alone. As a reward, he earned 4,000. zloty. Saffer was second, 9 seconds behind the winner.

– I like to come here because it is a specially organized 10 km in Poland. This is probably the fifth time I have started. I always liked the first 5 places, even the second time. Now I thought I would run at 2:55 every kilometer. Manage. It turned out that I set the pace for most of the distance. The weather helped. You can say that it is not hot, the optimal conditions for running. The path was hard but always fun. That’s why I’m so happy with this start – rated Mykona Juchimsuk.
Three more poles were able to break the 30-minute barrier, for which there was an extra bonus money. There was no end to the last meter because the order of the stage for the national championship was determined in the final race of the lap, when the rivals parted.

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National Gold won for the third time in Gulca’s finish line (time 29:29), earning 1.5 thousand for the title. zloty. The following places were taken: Kabat (29:34) and Grigo (29:44), who won silver and bronze at the Polish Championships, respectively.

– In this race, you always have to work hard and be able to work even when running behind your competitors. There was definitely an opportunity to “get acquainted” with the Ukrainians, but I didn’t want to risk it because I had to be careful. I’m getting ready to start the Berlin Marathon. That’s why I don’t run much in competitions. Here again, this startup should not cost me much health and I thought I could not get tired. I focused on winning the Polish championship, and he was my priority. The flow was strong and I gave everything I had that day. This way, I got the best result so I can be optimistic about the future – Gulka told us on the finish line.