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28 new infections: - Multiple outbreaks

28 new infections: – Multiple outbreaks

The municipality of Ullensaker reported in an email to Dagbladet that in the past 24 hours, 28 cases of coronavirus have been reported among people living in the municipality.

– There are now many outbreaks in the municipality, and several cases of the Delta coronavirus have been detected, the municipality wrote.

Long list of infection sites

The municipality further wrote that the current infection rates increase the need for information. So they come out with an overview of the outbreaks and infections associated with enterprises, businesses and activities in the municipality this week:

  • Seven of the injured in the past 24 hours were guests at Hydranten’s sports bar on June 19. So far, a total of 16 cases of infection have been detected among people who visited Hydranten on the same day, 14 of whom live in Ullensaker. To date, five infected with the delta variant have been detected, and answers are expected to await sequencing of other positive samples.
  • In addition to guests at the Hydranten sports bar, five more cases from previous weeks have now been confirmed as the delta type of the virus.
  • Five children who attended the athletics school and the soccer school were diagnosed with the infection. A total of 31 children and nine coaches are in quarantine.
  • In Hoppensprett Skogmo Kindergarten, two children were found infected. Four children and one employee have been isolated, and one ward has been isolated.
  • In the Læringsverkstedet Gystadmarka DoReMi kindergarten, an employee who lives in another municipality has been infected. Fifteen children and four staff members have been quarantined.
  • An injured child in Mama Mia Kindergarten in Kulofa. 32 children and 13 employees have been quarantined.
  • In the municipal workplace, there is an outbreak so far with six confirmed cases. Four employees have been placed in quarantine and all employees will be tested on Wednesday.
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– It’s not dramatic

The mayor says development is expected. He explains this with the reopening of the municipality.

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– We now have several ongoing outbreaks in the municipality, and there have been several delta-type cases of the virus among those infected from the past weeks. However, I consider that the situation is not tragic, says the chief municipal doctor, Lars Mayer-Miklstad, and adds:

As mentioned before, sporadic outbreaks are expected now that the community has opened up more.

Indian virus mutation: Assistant Director of Health Espen Nakstad on the mutation of the Indian virus in Norway. Video: Dagbladet TV. Reporter: Edward Steenlund
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– seriously

Acting mayor, Lars Halvor Stockstad-Oserud, says he understands residents may be concerned.

– I myself also take the situation very seriously. Like the municipal superintendent, I also think we’ll be able to quell the outbreaks we have here now with the help of hard work on quarantine, testing and infection tracing. The municipal political and administrative administration is closely monitoring the situation and constantly evaluating whether there is a need to reintroduce local infection control rules. There is still no basis for this, and I sincerely hope that it is not and that everyone will contribute to limiting the spread of infection, Osrud said.