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29 premium Android apps are now free on Google Play

29 premium Android apps are now free on Google Play

Roy Basilar

October 13, 2023, 10:56

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The weekend has officially opened with this deluxe collection for your Android device! These are productivity, personalization and fun apps that you can now install without paying, all through the official store, Google Play Store.

These are excellent offerings thanks to the developers responsible for each of these apps for your Android tablet and/or smartphone. All you have to do is browse the listings below and grab the offers before they run out!

However, note that these apps will be paid for again. So, depending on the time you spend reading this article, some of the content may have already been paid for again. However, it is worth checking its availability on the Play Store.

Business and customization apps for your Android device

  1. Red carpet – icon pack | free – 1.49 euros
  2. Squid – Icon Pack| free – 1.49 euros
  3. 3D EARTH PRO – local forecast | free – 16.99 euros
  4. Kathleen – Fonts Icon Pack | free – 1.49 euros
  5. AppLock Pro – Lock apps | Free – 2.49 euros
  6. Auf Mathematical 1: Watch the face| Free – 0.99 euros
  7. Awf Pace PRO: Watch Face| Free – 0.99 euros
  8. Watermelon – Fonts Icon Pack | free – 0.99 euros
  9. Manual Camera: DSLR Pro Camera | free – 4.29 euros

First, we have a good list of apps to customize the look of your Android smartphone. These are, above all, icon packs that can replace the general appearance of elements previously defined by the system. We also have some digital displays for smart watches that you might like.

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Anyway, note that installation is simple, just follow the instructions provided after installing each icon pack. In fact, each of them has its own distinct style, so we advise you to experiment with their look by choosing your favorite based on this list of free apps.

games beloved For Android now for free on the Google Play Store

  1. Empire Warriors Game – Offline | free – 0.79 euros
  2. Connect – New and colorful games | free – 0.89 euros
  3. Trimino Surface: Increase space | free – 0.89 euros
  4. Kingdom War TD Premium Offline | free – 0.89 euros
  5. Mind Game – Find5x| free – 1.79 euros
  6. Sudoku Master Premium: Offline | free – 1.79 euros
  7. Multiplayer designs from CARTOONITE | free – 0.99 euros
  8. ABC Dinos Full Version | free – 3.09 euros
  9. Words everywhere for professionals | free – 3.09 euros
  10. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack | free – 0.99 euros
  11. Magnet balls: a physics puzzle | free – 0.79 euros
  12. Famous Guessing Quotes PRO| free – 1.99 euros
  13. Galaxy Attack (Premium) | free – 0.99 euros
  14. 8 in 1 professional spelling games | free – 2.49 euros
  15. Endless Nights RPG | free – 1.09 euros
  16. Minesweeper Pro | free – 1.49 euros
  17. Gem Treasures Match 3 Pro | free – 3.39 euros
  18. Mystic Guardian PV: Action RPG | free – 3.59 euros
  19. Premium Cafe Incorporation – Home Decor | free – 4.99 euros

At the top and second place in our collection, we have an extensive list of usually paid games that you can now install without paying anything. However, take a look at the different content and game types and enjoy the games you like the most.

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However, take the opportunity now to expand your games, all of which are available on the Play Store without having to pay. But note that the offers will gradually end and these titles will be paid for again in the official store.

Finally, we remind you that the duration of these offers varies depending on the application in question. In fact, most, if not all, apps will be paid for again in the Google Play Store, but if you’ve already downloaded and installed them, they’ll remain on your Android tablet or smartphone.

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