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Terceira maior baleia de Bitcoin compra quase 17.000 BTC

3rd largest bitcoin whale buys nearly 17,000 bitcoin

The third largest Bitcoin whale (BTC) recently acquired a massive amount of BTC. The big investor currently owns 116,841.62 BTC in your wallet.

The sales of this whale, according to Crypto Potato, coincided with the peaks seen in 2021. The strategy of this investor is to move BTC to Coinbase whenever the cryptocurrency approaches resistance.

Between April and May of this year, the whale sold his Bitcoin until he had 100,000 units in his wallet. However, from May until today, this whale has added nearly 17,000 BTC to its balance.

discreetly accumulate

Between May and July, the third largest whale bought 410 bitcoins, with only 44 withdrawals. That’s a separate buildup in just over two months.

After the sale, this investor’s accumulation point was 41,000 USD. However, most bitcoins were bought in the range between $30,000 and $39,000.

In early June, for example, the address collected 3,706 BTC at an average price of $32,900. In this way, more than 600 million Brazilian reals were purchased.

The last sale took place on June 15, when the third largest BTC whale sank 1,500 BTC at $40,500. At the end of the same month, 4,000 bitcoins were added to the accumulation of this whale.

Altogether, the title contains more than R$18 billion in Bitcoin. The strong accumulation movement supports recent data that whales are taking advantage of the current price range to accumulate.

It is therefore a positive factor for the price of BTC in the long run. Although huge quantities were sent to Queen Piece NS Binance At times during the past week, the price has held steady in the same range.

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Not even a quick loss of the floor of $30,000 can cause more massive losses.

money giants

In addition to whales, institutional capital has also flowed into the market Cryptocurrency. The second quarter of 2021 set a record in terms of venture capital inflows.

Moreover, according to a recent report by Goldman Sachs at CriptoFácil, nearly half of the bank’s family office clients want to invest in Bitcoin.

These factors are positive indicators about the current state of the cryptocurrency market and, moreover, make the long-term scenario more optimistic.

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