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4 (still) Xiaomi monitors are cheaper in Mi Store Portugal

4 (still) Xiaomi monitors are cheaper in Mi Store Portugal

Xiaomi has a good selection of computer monitors, ideal for those who need to work, make video calls and work remotely, or for those who want to play games on their PC. Best of all? In Portugal we have many models for sale currently.

These are some of the best Xiaomi computer monitors, available through the official store, Mi Store Portugal, with special conditions such as discounts on the products listed here. In other words, this is one of the best times to renew Accommodation.

Next, we will introduce you to some of the now cheaper screens that you can buy from Xiaomi stores and online store.

1. Xiaomi Mi Desktop 27 Inch Screen

size: 27 inch screen
the decision: Full HD (1080p) at 60 Hz
price: 229.99 euros / Where 159.99 EUR (30% off)

First, we have the 27-inch Mi Desktop, which is Xiaomi’s new productivity monitor. The product is distinguished by its price and 1080p Full HD resolution. In addition, the screen features a blue light filter mode, which reduces eye strain from prolonged use and allows for a comfortable and enjoyable work or entertainment experience.

Its compact and simple design is perfect for Cleaning. The perfect equipment for any office. It has a good quality/price ratio, especially now that it is on sale in Mi Store Portugal.

2. Xiaomi Mi 2K 27″ Gaming Monitor

27 inch Mi 2K gaming monitor

size: 27 inch screen
the decision: 2K (2560 x 1440) @ 165 Hz
price: 549.99 euros / Where €299.99 (33% discount)

For those looking for one of the best Xiaomi monitors for gaming, we recommend the 27-inch Mi 2K Gaming Monitor due to its 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and, above all, its high refresh rate at 165 Hz, with its ultra-thin. edges.

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We also have Adaptive-Sync technology that synchronizes the transfer rate between the graphics card and the monitor, preventing frames from dropping during games and ensuring we don’t get hurt in the most dangerous moments.

We also have HDR Screen Enhancement which greatly improves detail levels, adapting screen brightness for better visibility in darker areas. The Mi 2K 27 gaming monitor has DP, HDMI, USB 3.0 and headphone jack ports.

3. Xiaomi Mi 34 curved gaming monitor

Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34

size: 34 inch screen
the decision: 2K (3440 x 1440 pixels) @ 144Hz
price: 499.99 euros / Where 399.99 € (20% off)

In third place, we have the largest (and perhaps the best) screen from Xiaomi. This is the 34-inch Mi Curved Gaming Monitor, with a 34-inch large screen, as well as the 21:9 widescreen format. We also have a high refresh rate at 144Hz.

The 1500R angle of the curved screen is designed to match the human field of view, thus ensuring an immersive experience. We also have TUV blue light protection, for even greater eye comfort. Response time 4 milliseconds.

4. Xiaomi Mi 1C 23.8 . Screen

Mi 1C display 23.8

size: 23.8 inch screen
the decision: Full HD at 60 Hz
price: 149.99 euros / Where €139.99 (7% discount)

Xiaomi Mi 1C is equipped with a screen High accuracy in 23.8 inches. Thus, we deliver clear, realistic images with fine detail and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It has a fast and smooth response due to 60 Hz refresh rate And the 6 months of response time.

Moreover, since it is designed for long hours of use and so that your health is not compromised, this screen is equipped with anti-flicker technology and TÜV low blue light certification. We can easily connect it via HDMI and VGA.

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Finally, these Xiaomi gadgets can be bought for sale in physical stores across the country, as well as in the Mi Store Portugal online store, in both cases with good savings opportunities.

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