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4 Trends Shaking Up the Sports Industry

Trends are prevalent in different sectors all across the globe. Each year, new product developments and technological advancements come onto the scene and force industries to adapt their services with respect to these relevant happenings. The world of sports is no different, with a myriad of trends rising to popularity and having a great impact on the industry’s overall atmosphere. In the year 2021, most of these revolve around digital innovations, as technology continues to permeate both the fan experience and the business side of sports equally. In this article we’ll take a look at just a few of the trends that have shaped sports this year.

Sports brands that are not hopping on the Esports industry train are missing out on valuable opportunities to boost sales and generate awareness

Sports Teams Partnering with Esports Brands

You may be thinking, what does Esports have to do with traditional sports like football, baseball, and hockey? Does competitive video gaming have a place in the professional sports world? Well, the industry has quickly evolved into a multi-billion-dollar sector that demands sports brands’ attention. Sports companies that are not somehow partnering with Esports brands are automatically at a disadvantage. Therefore, we are seeing sports teams and leagues such as PSG and FC Copenhagen forge Esports organizations and partnerships that bring a higher value to their own operations. This also goes the other way, as Esports brands seek deals with sports teams as well to raise awareness about tournaments and other high-profile events.

The Rise of Online Betting

The online sports betting market is also one that is no stranger to rapid growth. In countries like the U.K. where virtual wagering has already been legal for quite some time, bookmakers are marketing their products with promotions and sign-up offers to attract even more fans to the scene. On the other side of the pond in the U.S., more and more states are passing legislation to regulate the activity in their region. For example, Florida became the most recent state to consider legalizing online and mobile betting for residents of the Sunshine State when they filed bills just this year. Additionally, online wagering is already available in other northern states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The coming years should see more regions open themselves up to the opportunity as the world of sports continues to become more digitized.

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5G Integration in Stadiums

In addition to betting, another huge part of sports fandom revolves around attending live games that allow you to cheer on your favorite team in unison with fellow supporters. Take away this opportunity and being a sports supporter is automatically a little less thrilling. That’s why the industry is constantly trying to make the stadium experience as entertaining as possible for every attendee. Nowadays, sports arenas and venues are becoming increasingly equipped with 5G technology that enhances the social aspect of gameday. One of the U.S.A.’s most impressive NFL venues, SoFi Stadium, is an example of a sports stadium that deployed 5G networks and saw major success. The home of both the Rams and Chargers, the technology is serving over 70,000 happy fans in Los Angeles. More stadiums around the world are racing to implement 5G integrations because they know just how influential the technology can be for both fan engagement and revenue.

The way people consume sports-related broadcasts and news is constantly evolving

OTT (Over the Top) Content  

Over the Top content, or OTT, is any media service that can be accessed by users through the Internet. Therefore, OTT viewers are those individuals who consume video content via a mobile app or platform that supports live streaming. Some popular examples are HBO Now, Amazon Video, Netflix, and Sling TV. Nowadays, sports fans are swapping their traditional broadcast services for OTT platforms that can be accessed at any time on a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone, such as the brand-new iPhone 13 device from Apple. Modern-day sports supporters are seeking convenient viewing over anything else, so these providers are trending across the board. Plus, because on-the-go navigation and viewing is so valuable nowadays, watching sports from a handheld device is bound to become the norm soon enough.

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