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42 years age difference: – In love

42 years age difference: – In love

Briton Nikisha Lightfoot (18 years old) and Demetrius Fotis (60 years old) met for the first time in 2022.

Fotis works as a personal trainer and delivery driver, and one evening he was out delivering takeaways to hungry people in Great Yarmouth.

One customer was Lightfoot, who fell flat on his face when he showed up at the door with a hot kebab.

– We really fell in love with each other, she tells Jam Press.

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– amazing

Lightfoot works as a cleaner and waiter at a Chinese restaurant.

She often works until late into the evening, and often orders take-out when she gets home.

Selfie: Dimitrios Fotis and Nikesha Lightfoot have been together for two years. Photo: Nikisha Lightfoot/TikTok
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After they first met, Dimitrios Fotis, then 58, began showing up at her door with kebabs, she says.

– He called me while he was out of the house, so I went out and brought the kebab. Since then, we increasingly started meeting randomly on the street, she says.

On a date: Nikesha Lightfoot and Demetrius Fotis are still out for dinner.  Photo: Jam Press

ON A DATE: Nikesha Lightfoot and Demetrius Fotis are still out for dinner. Image: Jam Press
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More and more often

One evening, when Lightfoot was ill, Demetrius arrived at the door as usual with ready meals.

He advised her to drink tea with lemon.

The 18-year-old says she forgot the recipe he gave her, so she contacted the 42-year-old man.

The couple says the rest is history.

-We started going on trips together to get to know each other. It's been pretty amazing ever since,” says Lightfoot.

It doesn't matter

The couple often posts their videos on TikTok, where they don't hide how crazy in love they are:

Lightfoot says they constantly face criticism because of their big age difference, but they don't let themselves be influenced.

-Older men are more experienced. She says love is real, and ends with a sort of wise word:

-I hope people understand that love has no age limit.

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