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5 aesthetic trends that distinguished Milan Fashion Week |  makeup

5 aesthetic trends that distinguished Milan Fashion Week | makeup

Versace Highlight Launchmetrics

The Italian fashion season ends on Monday (26.2) and it's time to revisit the beauty trends that crossed the Milan Fashion Week catwalks. Right away, we can tell you that it's the eyes' turn: whether with color, thicker lashes or less subtle eyeliner, they've gained focus in most shows. Next, remember the best look.

Polishing hair gel

Fendi – Image: Launchmetrics highlight

Whether side or front parted, loose or tied, gel-finished hair is having a big moment on Milan soil. And do not think that they were limited to the polished effect: it also gave shape to the eyelashes that stuck to the face in an organic and loose way in style. wet hair.

Sixties perfume

Giorgio Armani – Image: Launchmetrics Spotlight

A 1960s air permeated many of the season's backstage areas. Many beauty codes of the time were reconsidered, such as the signature curls and lower lashes being highlighted Giorgio Armanibut in more modern styles – here, the eyelashes appear well separated into tufts and the outlines are white.

Oversized outlined

Versace – Image: Launchmetrics highlight

The enlarged drawing specified for Versace He was just one of them! In the Italian season, the lines were extended, with very long ends, and wide. Moschino that it Antonio Marras It also presented its versions.

Smoke grunge

Roberto Cavalli – Image: Launchmetrics Spotlight

New York Fashion Week had already warned of the end of the “clean girl” era. Milan not only emphasized his retirement, but also made references to unpolished smoky tones, on the contrary, with blurred edges and a grunge feel.

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Lips like cherries

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe – Image: Launchmetrics Spotlight

No, we will not try to sell you some trend accompanied by English terms, such as “something cherry”… Jokes aside, the shade of cherry was very present on the lips, a clear sign of the turn of winter. To the reds. Be very specific, as in Chiara Bonito smoked or stained options such as a Lip stainIt was the lipstick color of the week.


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