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5 criptomoedas que podem superar o Bitcoin, segundo famoso analista

5 cryptocurrencies could outperform Bitcoin, according to a popular analyst

Renowned analyst Michael Van de Pope has conducted a series of analyzes on some cryptocurrencies. Among the famous and little-known names, they have one thing in common: a strong ascent potential to overcome Bitcoin.

And this valuation will not be in dollars only. Van de Poppe estimates that the five cryptocurrencies are on the verge of making strong gains compared to BTC. Additionally, it also cites the critical price points that need to be analyzed.


The first is ICX, and its current value is 0.000042 BTC. According to the analysis, it can be as high as 130% regarding this value.

For this, van de Poppe highlights two resistors to consider: 0.000056 BTC and 0.000097 BTC.

If the first is broken, then the second can be quickly reached.

Zilliqa (ZIL)

ZIL has already become a favorite of the Dutch analyst, and has once again gained a prestigious position. Listed in 0.0000037 BTC, and can get a rating of up to 40% in BTC.

That is, Zilliqa can move forward even if Bitcoin rises, surpassing the largest cryptocurrency in market cap.

This is because it indicates that ZIL has already broken some important resistance and is ready for new highs. Next support is now in the 0.000005 BTC area.

“Nothing to worry about. We are still seeing an uptrend with higher highs and lows. Next to that: the 100-day and 200-day moving averages below us.” Van de Pope said, it might continue until 0.000005 BTC.

Elrond (EGLD)

The third cryptocurrency on the list is EGLD, which has a price of 0.00335 BTC. If it hits 0.005 BTC, van de Poppe expects an increase of more than 50% from its current price.

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Therefore, it also needs to hold a significant support, at around 0.0028 BTC. If not, it could undergo a strong correction of 0.0012 BTC.

“In a shorter period of time, I would like the EGLD to remain above 0.0028 BTC. If this happens, then continue [da alta] Likely, “he explains.

Thorchin (Play)

RUNE is a token issued by the THORChain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) chain. Exchange codes have shown strong reviews, and RUNE can follow the same path.

Currently, the token is priced at 0.0003229 BTC. If he did not undergo a correction below 0.00022 BTC, van de Poppe estimates an increase of up to 43%.

If support is maintained, RUNE will see its next resistance at 0.00035 BTC. If this barrier is broken, the price could rise sharply to 0.00043 BTC.

“RUNE tests the 0.00022 BTC level again, and in the meantime (looks very likely), I am assuming that we will see another wave of momentum towards the Fibonacci extension. [Fibonacci]. Therefore, I will look for 0.00035 BTC and 0.00043 BTC. “

Cardano (ADA)

Finally, one of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market has yet to reach its peak. As for van de Poppe, the ADA is in an important support area at its current price 0.000023 BTC.

If this area is maintained, the ADA may start a rally that will have the next resistance 0.000034 BTC. This move will raise Bitcoin’s value by nearly 50%.

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