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5 Games That Will Challenge Different Areas of Your Brain

If you call yourself a competent gamer, you should make an attempt to develop a well-rounded skillset across a multitude of different genres. After all, there’s no sense in replaying a game you already know like the back of your hand.

Below, you’ll find 5 game suggestions for challenging different areas of your brain:

1. Master calculating probabilities in an online casino

How many times have you found yourself in a situation in which you wish you knew how to calculate odds? By playing in an online casino australia for real money, you’ll get to visualize how likely an event is to happen by observing and analyzing a deck of cards or a board with numbers printed on it. This is a useful skill that will save your skin on many occasions. Did you know that the probability of the next coinflip landing on heads is always 50% even if you’ve flipped heads ten times in a row?

The probability of the coin falling on either side is always 50-50, even if it previously landed on heads ten times in a row.

2. Develop your problem-solving capacity in Portal

If you want to test your mettle and see how high your IQ is all while having an absolute blast, Portal is the puzzle game to try. The main game mechanic works like this: after acquiring the portal gun, you can create two different portals. One is the so-called entry portal, the other is the exit portal. This allows you to access remote areas, create infinite loops, transfer objects and more to solve challenging yet entertaining puzzles.

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3. Become the ultimate strategist in Civilization

Civilization is another one of those strategy games that you play from the bird’s eye view. It allows for a myriad of different play-styles. You can either take the passive route by responding to threats or a proactive one by analyzing your opponents and identifying where their strongest and weakest points lie. Since this is a turn-based strategy game, you’ll have all the time in the world to make your decisions without feeling pressured or rushed.

4. Train your reflexes in Super Hexagon

Do you think your reflexes are superior in every way? Prove it in Super Hexagon. This is one of the games that’s hard to classify – it’s virtually its own genre. In essence, you control a dot in the center of the screen and move it around in a circular fashion to avoid obstacles that keep coming at you. The catch is, you only have mere moments to react and plan your way through a maze of walls that keep closing in on you. Can you survive the onslaught?

5. Prove you have the ultimate swing in The Golf Club

Sports games are fantastic for testing your spatial awareness, reaction time, planning capacity, and many other practical skills. To stay on top of your golfing game, there are multiple factors you need to take into account: the trajectory of the ball, the speed of the wind, the optimal angle to hit the ball, and many others. Indeed, this game is more than just observing the beautiful scenery, even though the last part is certainly something that makes the overall experience that much sweeter.

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Testing your skills while having fun is what games are all about. If you find yourself lacking in a particular area, the good news is that you can get better at it if you’re willing to put the time in.