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5 Interesting Ways to Spend a Rainy Weekend


Is the weather forecast getting you down? There’s nothing like the wind and rain to put a dampener (excuse the pun) on your weekend plans, but a dismal outlook needn’t mean that you have to spend Saturday and Sunday in a grump.

Instead, why not make the best of things by trying out one of the suggested activities below? Whether you live on your own, share with others or among your family, we’ve got ideas on our list to suit all circumstances.

Have a movie marathon

If life gives you lemons, it’s almost expected that you’ll set about making lemonade. So if life hands you inhospitable weather, it’s advisable to hunker down indoors. What better way to do so than with an oversized duvet, an even more oversized bowl of popcorn and a list of your favorite films? This activity works great on your own or with others – in the former situation, you can watch exactly what you want, while in the latter, you can organize your schedule together.

Organize a treasure hunt

This particular pastime works best if you have younger members of the household. Create a set of clues and write them down on pieces of paper, with each one containing cryptic instructions on how to find the next one. Then create a prize for the winner and stash your clues around the home. You can either make separate sets for each child and pit them against one another, or have them work as a team to achieve their goal. Either way, they’re sure to love it.

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Visit a casino (online)

Just because it’s wet outside, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the thrills and spills of visiting a casino! The advantage of playing blackjack or poker at an online site means that you don’t have to fork out for transportation to get there or dress up in your glad rags to look the part – though doing so might actually enhance your enjoyment of the activity!

Plan your next holiday

What better time to envisage yourself on a hot and sunny beach than when the weather is at the polar opposite of the scale? The internet is once again a fantastic resource for researching the logistics of getting to and from your chosen location, as well as sourcing affordable but comfortable accommodation and scouting out activities to keep you occupied while there. The prospect of some good weather might just help you get over the bad!

Embrace the elements

The last suggestion on our list stands in stark contrast to all the others – instead of advising you to avoid the inclement elements, this one suggests embracing them with all your heart. Wrap up warm and wear impermeable clothing, then go out for a run, cycle or dance in the rain. You might be surprised how exhilarating and liberating the experience can be, and there is research which suggests it’s good for little ones, too!

Don’t let a spot of rain ruin your plans for the weekend – simply have a rethink and employ one of the above strategies to turn that frown upside down.

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