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5 new medicines and tests arrive at SUS;  Checklist

5 new medicines and tests arrive at SUS; Checklist

To treat lung cancer, severe asthma, HIV, brain cancer and Crohn's disease, the Ministry of Health has integrated five new medicines and tests into the unified health system.

May 25
– 02:42

(Updated at 03:45)

This week, the Ministry of Health announced the inclusion of five new medicines, tests or treatments on the drug list Unified Health System (SUS). The new round of combinations should benefit patients with severe cases of asthma, lung cancer, multidrug-resistant HIV infection, lung cancer, and Crohn's disease.

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“With these mergers, it is estimated that over the next five years, more than 14,000 patients will be able to receive care through public health,” the Ministry of Health said, in a note on the importance of this measure.

Among the new features coming to SUS are follow-up screening for people with Crohn's disease — A rare, chronic condition that affects the digestive system – is something that should benefit a larger group of people. Nearly 11,000 patients will be able to use this procedure for free.

Below, check out the full list of new medications, tests and treatments included in the SUS system:

1. Medication for severe asthma

Mepolizumab 100 mg/mL is currently available Asthma treatment Treatment-resistant severe eosinophilic disease in patients over 18 years of age.

With the health decision, use will be expanded to include children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years. The medication reduces the incidence of crises, ensuring a better quality of life.

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2. Lung cancer medication

To treat a certain type of Lung Cancer, known as stage III unresectable non-small cell (NSCLC), MOH is incorporating the use of durvalumab. The recipe includes tumors that cannot be removed and whose development has not subsequently worsened Radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

3. Medicine to fight HIV

For the treatment of multidrug-resistant patients infected with HIV Those who do not respond to conventional treatments – the viral load does not decrease – SUS will rely on fostinsavir trometamol 600 mg. It is expected that as a result, the risk of opportunistic infections will be reduced.

4. Brain cancer testing

In oncology, SUS will now have a method for monitoring nerve cell function, known as MION, which is ideal for use in surgery to remove nerve cells. brain cancer.

The Ministry of Health announces the inclusion of five new medicines and tests in the unified health system (Photo: Nunezimage/Envato)

The Ministry of Health announces the inclusion of five new medicines and tests in the unified health system (Photo: Nunezimage/Envato)

Photo: ChannelTech

“This combination reduces the risks of surgery by supporting the guidance of specialists during surgery and reduces the possibility of injuries,” the volume states.

5. Crohn's disease screening

to Patients with Crohn's disease, a new test will be made available to monitor and control the intestine (colon), based on the assessment of calprotectin – a protein detected in a stool test. Essentially, it is a biomarker that indicates inflammatory activity, and is less invasive than a colonoscopy.

When do new medicines and tests arrive at SUS?

After the decision is published by Health, there is a maximum period of 180 days for all these medicines and tests to be available at SUS. In other words, by December, everything should be in place.

source: Ministry of Health

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