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5 signs of skin cancer

5 signs of skin cancer

Learn how to recognize signs of the disease

According to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), skin cancer accounts for 33% of all diagnoses of this disease in Brazil.

It is necessary to pay attention to the suspicious signs of skin cancer |

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Each year, the National Cancer Institute (INCA) records about 185,000 new cases of this type of cancer alone.

Dr. Adriana Villarinho, a dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), warns that it is essential to take care of your health every month and declares that the signs are worth paying attention to.

According to the doctor, you should pay attention to the spots on the skin, new moles and those that are already on the body, but have become different.

And remember: You should wear sunscreen every single day, even on the cloudiest of days and indoors.

“Skin cancer can resemble moles, eczema, or other benign lesions. Thus, knowing the skin well and knowing the areas where moles are located, through annual evaluations with a specialist, makes a huge difference when any abnormality is detected,” says the specialist.

The doctor highlights the following symptoms:

  • A skin lesion with a raised, shiny, translucent, reddish, brown, pink or multicolored appearance, with a central crust that bleeds easily;
  • a black or brown mole that changes color and texture, becomes irregular at the edges, and grows;
  • a spot or wound that does not heal, that is, it continues to grow and shows bleeding, crusting, ulceration and itching;
  • Lumps on the skin for no apparent reason.

Dermatologists refer to a methodology called the ABCDE rule to determine the manifestations of the three types of skin cancer and to identify dangerous signs.

  1. asymmetry

    Evaluate whether it is symmetric or asymmetric. Are the two sides the same?

  2. edge

    Pay attention to the appearance of the edges. Is it straight and forming a circle, or is it very irregular?

  3. the color

    In addition to brown, are there other colors such as black, dark brown, or pink?

  4. The dimension

    Larger or smaller than 6 millimeters?

  5. has evolved

    Has it changed over time? Has it grown or changed color?


In the event of a suspicious sign, it is essential to seek a dermatologist, as a medical evaluation is essential for early diagnosis of skin cancer.

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