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5 tips to reduce and control symptoms

5 tips to reduce and control symptoms

Brazil is leading classification It is one of the most worried countries in the world, according to the World Health Organization. According to the entity, 18.6 million Brazilians have Anxiety disorder, which can reduce quality of life depending on its severity.

Anxiety affects most Brazilians

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Anxiety psychiatrist, Dr. Flavio Nascimento, explains that some measures can help reduce the symptoms of the condition on a daily basis, in addition to medical treatment.

Below, the pro has listed 5 simple precautions Help control and reduce symptoms of anxiety. paying off:

1. Distract your thoughts

According to the expert, there are certain thoughts, which vary according to the specifics of each case, that raise concern. “Therefore, knowing how to control these thoughts and change them when necessary, and change focus to other activities, is important to avoid crises,” he advises.

2. Cold water

Taking a cold shower regularly can help reduce anxiety. The doctor explains that cold water helps stimulate neurotransmitters related to well-being, which can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety attacks.

3. Physical exercises

Physical activity can also reduce symptoms of the disorder. “Regular exercise releases endorphins, a neurotransmitter that improves mood and reduces anxiety, providing a feeling of happiness,” Nascimento reveals.

4. Breathing

Some breathing techniques help control the condition. “Breathing is a powerful tool against anxiety, because it allows you to control physical symptoms, generating a feeling of relaxation,” the doctor explains. He advises you to always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly, feeling your body during each breath.

5. Sleep

Good sleep is essential to avoid anxiety attacks. “Sleep eight hours a day, avoid sleeping only in the early hours of the morning and avoid interruptions. Furthermore, always choose to sleep in a completely dark room,” the specialist advises. According to him, good sleep habits help better control mood, stress and anxiety.

source: Health in a day

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