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50 songs announced for April 25: No. 19 “Desfolhada Portuguesa”, Simone de Oliveira (1969)

50 songs announced for April 25: No. 19 “Desfolhada Portuguesa”, Simone de Oliveira (1969)

Through April 25, 2024, BLITZ is publishing a list of 50 songs that paved the way for the freedom achieved 50 years ago. These are the songs that, during the “Estado Novo,” foreshadowed the change that occurred on April 25, 1974, and gave shape to a cultural revolution that long preceded the political revolution that ended the dictatorship. The texts are written by Luis Freitas Branco, author of “The Revolution Before the Revolution” (Ziguerati, 2024), to be published this month, a book that documents the way in which Portuguese popular music opened the doors to culture, society and humanity. Politician who raised April 25, 1974. Every day, this list will receive a new song.

19. “Desfolhada Portuguesa” by Simone de Oliveira (1969)

“Desfolhada Portuguesa” was Simone de Oliveira's release in front of millions of spectators at the Festival da Canção which she won for the second time. The controversial verse “He who begets a child/Does it for pleasure,” by José Carlos Arie dos Santos, was the honorary acclamation of a single mother, which is worth remembering, as in 1969 she still needed the permission of a male figure to complete any bureaucracy; And the musical liberation from the shackles of Carlos Nobrega y Souza, the greatest figure in the so-called national Cancunism, composed by Nazir for Nuno Nazarez Fernández. After three failed attempts, he was the fourth choice to play “Desfolhada”. Only Simone, with her head held high, was able to immortalize an anthem of liberation from deep patriarchy.