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50 Years of "Let It Be": The Five Myths That Still Stand About The Beatles - Music

50 Years of “Let It Be”: The Five Myths That Still Stand About The Beatles – Music

1. Was “Let It Be” Created to Mark the Beatles’ Breakup?

Arrived in stores in May 8 1970. “Let It Be” was the thirteenth and final album released by the British band. At the time, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were not part of the Beatles. However, this disc is not obsessed with the end, as it is It wasn’t the last thing that was recorded. Recording for this album began in January 1969, before the band recorded “Abbey Road”—the twelfth studio album that was to be released on September 26, 1969.

However, the “Let It Be” disc includes some files The band’s last momentsWith no signs of a rupture between the singers. One of them is the Beatles’ last public performance: On January 30, 1969, the band performed a Small concert on the rooftop of Apple Recording Studios, in Savile Row, London, which appears in the accompanying behind-the-scenes documentary “Let It Be”. Three of the seven songs recorded at this concert are part of the last album. The police had to ask the Beatles to stop the show due to the riots in the streets.

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“Let It Be” album was initially scheduled for release in July 1969, after it was postponed several times to be released in conjunction with the documentary. In September of that year, the band chose to debut with “Abbey Road,” which was already ready for release. It was around this time John Lennon announced his departure from the band.. according to LocationThe Beatles BibleLennon informed the group of his intention to leave the group on September 20, 1969, after he had kept this announcement a secret from the public.

Reduced to three items, the Beatles continued together for a few months, having made new recordings for the “Let It Be” album – including the song “I Me Mine” that was recorded without Lennon present. This song was mastered and included on the last album, but the result did not satisfy the band.

The last Beatle record was released in May 1970, and 50 years later (another due to the pandemic), it is now reissued in Special Anniversary Edition. The release consists of three CDs, LP, EP and Blu-ray with the most famous songs from the British band.

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2. Was Yoko Ono responsible for the end of the Beatles?

Even 50 years after the band’s end, Fans keep pointing fingers at John Lennon’s wife As the main responsible for the separation of the domain. Yoko Ono and Lennon married in March 1969, just over a year before “Let It Be” was released, and they were completely inseparable. The British singer insisted on taking Yoko Ono to all recording sessions, which will take place He caused some tension with the other band members.

However, it is impossible to say that there was a single reason for the dissolution of the band. At this time, the four elements of the Beatles also had other elements Problems starting to cause discomfort among the group. George Harrison, for example, resents seeing his song suggestions constantly ignored by his peers, according toWashington PostFurthermore, the band was unable to agree on where the live show would be recorded at the end of the “Let It Be” documentary.

But the final controversy will be over a “deal,” as Paul McCartney tells it interview with Al Jazeera, in 2012. The singer wanted to hire his new in-laws – attorneys Lee and John Eastman – to make them responsible for supervising the Beatles and Apple, while the other band members – Lennon, Harrison and Starr – defended the person responsible for this role should be American businessman Allen Klein. In this interview, McCartney stated that “she [Yoko Ono] He certainly did not divide the group, We tore up the work“.

3. Were the Beatles against wearing suits and ties to concerts?

Perhaps the first memory that comes to mind when you think of The Beatles are the four elements of the suit and the tie. In fact, this outfit has become a brand image of the band, but some say that The singers did not agree to the style change. At first, Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr wore jeans and a leather jacket.

In 1970, John Lennon blamed his wardrobe change on Management, Brian Epstein, who dressed them in “clean suits and shirts,” adding that “Paul [McCartney] I agreed with him right away.” “I didn’t like it, and I tried to make George [Harrison] If he opposes me, “says the singer. magazine “rolling rock‘ Even Lennon said so The band “sold out” by changing their style.

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However, at other times, singers shared different versions of the story. Paul McCartney said in the book,The Beatles analogy‘, reported by The Washington Post, ‘Nobody was dragged into tailors.’ George Harrison also stated that, ‘in the black shirt and the black sweaty leather clothes’ the band looked like a group of trouble makers, in addition to that Changed ‘willingly to the factss”.

John Lennon himself said,Hit the rallies“In 1975, those leather outfits made ‘ballroom promoters not like’ the Beatles,” Lennon said. “I would wear a…a balloon if someone paid me to do it.”

4. Is “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” an ode to LSD?

to music “Lucy in the sky with diamonds“It is often associated with substance abuse, especially LSD. The connection that fans have made between music and LSD has been linked to With the first letters of the words: Lucy – L + Sky – S + Diamonds – D. They thought it was intentional, because LSD was a very mentioned drug in the media at the time.

However, John Lennon refuses to have any intention Create a song title. He says he was inspired by a drawing his son drew when he was four: When he got home from school, Julian gave his father a drawing he says was “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” — “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” in Portuguese — that inspired John Lennon. to write the song.

The singer was often asked if the words were chosen to spell his initials LSD, but the singer I refused any intentional language. He said several times that he didn’t realize it until after his release, when he was told. according to snobs, the British singer swore, in an interview with the Rolling Stones in 1970, that he did not realize the connection: “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” … I swear to God, I swear to Mao or whatever, He had no idea he gave LSD. “

“data-title=”50 Years of “Let It Be”: The Beatles’ Five Persistent Myths – The Lie Detector”>

Years later, Lennon told “Playboy” magazine, which was carried by the same platform Fact CheckSame story: My son Julian arrived one day with a drawing Which he did about a classmate named Lucy. He painted some stars in the sky and called them “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. basic.”

The story is repeated by various elements of the band and also narrated by Pete Shotton, the singer’s childhood friend, who claims to have witnessed the moment. He says that “although John certainly had excessive acid intake at the time he wrote Lucy in the Sky with Dimonds,” The pun was actually just a coincidence“.

5. Wasn’t Ringo Starr “even the best drummer in the Beatles”?

This legend is often associated with John Lennon’s supposed statement: “Ringo is not the best drummer in the world. He’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles.” However, this phrase was not said by the singer, but rather by him Comedian Jasper Carrott, on PBS in 1983. According to the “Washington Post,” the discovery was made by Mark Lewison, author of “discipline“.

fact, Lennon defended the drummer In one of his recent interviews: “Ringo is an excellent drummer,” he said, stressing that he was already playing professionally even before the Beatles even started their career. But Lennon wasn’t the only one who praised Starr’s talent: McCartney said in an interview withrolling rock‘In 2016, this Ringo’ has Feel that no one else has.”

Ringo Starr is part of the Walk of Fame Rock and Roll Music Since 2015, she has been ranked among the best drummers of all time – like Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Questloff and others.

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