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53 original gifts (up to 10 €) to surprise the most demanding secret friends – NiT

53 original gifts (up to 10 €) to surprise the most demanding secret friends – NiT

53 original gifts (up to 10 €) to surprise the most demanding secret friends

The idea that you need to spend a lot of money to satisfy yourself is a myth. NiT has compiled suggestions for all tastes.

Get together with your group “Friends” style.

One of Friends fans’ favorite moments occurs in the tenth episode of season two. In “Phoebe’s Dad’s Episode”, the five friends decide to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Joey and Chandler, who have forgotten their date, must find last-minute options at the gas station, at the only store they find open. The result is, as you’d expect, hilarious. Ross gets two cans of soda, Phoebe gets toilet seat covers, and Monica ends up with a box of condoms.

Fortunately, the first dinner date hasn’t been set yet, which means it’s still possible to avoid embarrassment. There’s still over a month until Christmas Eve, but gatherings with friends and colleagues usually happen in the first weeks of December, which means you don’t have a lot of time to take care of everything. In other words, you’d better start by counting Secret Santa gift exchanges.

The tradition has become ubiquitous, but in truth, we don’t really know how it all started. The latest version claims that the mutual offers took place for the first time in the United States. This disease may have appeared among a group of workers who decided to give gifts to some of their colleagues at the end of the year, leaving behind those they did not like very much. The awkward situation ended up being overcome by resorting to drawing lots to choose the participants in the exchange.

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Regardless of the origin, the principle remains valid. If we come up with the name of someone we love in the draw, we will be happy to buy them a fun and original gift. On the other hand, if we have to give a gift to someone we rarely talk to, we want to spend as little as possible – without looking bad, of course.

In this dynamic, there is always someone available to take care of everything: they set the rules, take care of the draft, and arrange dinner in the cold. Naturally, they limit the maximum value of a Secret Santa gift, which rarely exceeds €10 (after all, we all have many exchanges – with our colleagues at work, at the gym, or with a group of parents).

The next task is daunting, but not impossible: choosing something original without going over the budget. Everything becomes easier when we at least know the person we are supposed to introduce. Things get complicated when we know little or nothing about the preferences of the colleague who chose us in the lottery.

Don’t despair: we are here to help you. Click on the gallery and discover our selection of suggestions (up to 10 euros), with proposals for all tastes – from clothes to gadgets, including the inevitable books.

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