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572 migrants were housed together on the Ocean Viking rescue ship.  Food ran out on Friday.

572 migrants were housed together on the Ocean Viking rescue ship. Food ran out on Friday.

The ship is now off the coast of Sicily. But the Italian rescue service is delaying finding a port.

The ship is too full to transport, says Claire Jochat of relief organization SOS Méditerranée. Photo: Flavio Gasperini, SOS Méditerranée / Reuters / NTB

– There is no dialogue. Practically speaking, we’re floating in international waters while waiting for instructions, says Claire Gotchat, who was aboard the Ocean Viking, to Aftenposten.

Juchat is a spokesperson for the relief organization SOS Méditerranée, which operates Ocean Viking. Last week, the ship rescued 572 migrants from six boats trying to reach Europe. On Monday night alone, 369 migrants were rescued from a wooden boat off the coast of Libya.

For several days, the ship has been waiting for a response from the Italian authorities as to where it can dock.

excited atmosphere

Among the migrants, there are 183 children. 159 of those are unaccompanied, according to Josh.

Two children with disabilities. One is in a wheelchair and the other needs a wheelchair. Both were rescued in the first operation on July 1, she said.

Since the first rescue, space has become increasingly scarce on board the ship. Migrants sit close to each other on the deck under the Mediterranean sun.

There is no privacy or space, says Juchat.

Some immigrants were in Ocean Viking for one week. Photo: Flavio Gasperini / SOS Méditerranée / Reuters / NTB

Joshat says crews are working around the clock to provide the migrants with food and water. But the mood began to soured, especially because of the heat.

It’s hard to cross the deck because of the number of people, she says.

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Food is limited due to the large number of people. We only have Friday food.

I think it’s impossible to go back

SOS Méditerranée asked the European Union to intervene on Tuesday. at press release They ask for a safe haven where the migrants can go ashore.

The aid organization asserts that it is inappropriate to return migrants to Libya, which is one of the largest hubs on migrants’ routes to Europe.

On Wednesday, Aftenposten wrote how Doctors Without Borders raised the alarm about conditions in Libyan refugee camps, which are funded by the European Union. Among other things, migrants are subjected to widespread abuse and sexual abuse.

Blame the European Union

This year, nearly 40,000 migrants traveled to Europe via the Mediterranean, to me The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The vast majority come from countries in Africa. Many also come from Bangladesh.

Many die on the way. The United Nations estimates that nearly 900 people have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean this year.

He has long been critical of the EU and EU countries’ handling of migrants. One Report The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights recently concluded that the European Union is partly responsible for so many deaths in the Mediterranean.

The report notes that European countries have introduced laws and practices that restrict rescue efforts and violate human rights.

Doctors Without Borders ships banned

The UN report notes, among other things, that it is not uncommon for search and rescue vessels to be confiscated and confiscated from aid organizations.

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Doctors Without Borders announced on Monday that one of its rescue vessels, the Geo Barents, has been held in Augusta, Italy, since July 2. The reason is that ten malfunctions were discovered by the ship.

For its part, the relief organization believes that the Italian authorities are using the mistakes as an excuse to detain the ship and prevent search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

“These inspections provide the authorities with an opportunity to pursue compelling political objectives as administrative measures,” the organization wrote in a letter. press release.

news agency Reuters He writes that the Italian authorities have not commented on this claim.