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5G auction: 100 days of main stage as operator bids soar above 320 million euros - telecommunications

5G auction: 100 days of main stage as operator bids soar above 320 million euros – telecommunications

There is still an end in sight, the main stage of the 5G auction Today has entered its 100th day, which makes Portugal reach a record in terms of launching 5G mobile technology, but this time as the last country to go ahead with licenses. In the day’s seven rounds, bids reached 320,487 million euros, an increase of 1.733 million euros Compared to the previous day.

With the latest data provided by Anacom, it is possible to verify that the 3.6GHz band, with most pieces already worth more than 5 million euros, is again the only one in which changes have been recorded, according to the trend of recent months.

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Today there are highs regarding 14 proposals of the 40 pieces available in the original 5G band. Regarding the reserve price, there is a growth dynamic that leads to increases of about 325% at most, exceeding the increase recorded in the first two batches of the 2.6 GHz band.

To date, the 2.1 GHz band is the most expensive band, with a value of more than 400%. Bid prices for parts in the 700 and 900MHz bands have remained at €19.2 and €6 million since the start of the main phase and in the band that was free after the completion of the DTT relay, no parts have been received yet. offers.

Despite the epic duration of the auction, the potential cash flow did not increase at the same rate and now stands at more than 404 million euros. the value Higher than what was achieved in the fourth generation But it doesn’t fit into the long “battle” for licenses in so many spectrums that operators are trying to secure.

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In the daily tour rites, which are now 7 since the 81st day of the main stage, the bidding is usually increased by about 1 million euros, albeit with some exceptions. After 100 days, the amount of potential cash flow is just over 120 million above the bid base value.

At the moment, it is still difficult to predict how long the 5G auction process will take, even if Anacom moves forward With a rule change approved later this week Which will be under public consultation until June 9. Recall that, previously, operators Swipe Anacom for a suggested rule change In the middle of the auction proceedings, the new decision also generated negative feedback.

a Altice Portugal doubled down on its criticism of the organizer’s performanceHe pointed to the negative effects of the delay and the “unilateral decision” to change the rules of the ongoing auction. “Altice Portugal regrets that today, nearly 100 days after what is undoubtedly the slowest and longest auction and delay for 5G in Europe, the regulator will publicly complain about its decisions and acknowledge the country’s delay to which its performance can only be attributed.”

Previously NOS reported that “It is unfortunate to see the only person responsible for the state delay in 5G, trying to throw other responsibilities that fall exclusively on them.” When incompetence and gross negligence seemed to have reached its limit, ha, again the regulator managed to fend for itself,” he noted, noting that he was not “surprising,” concluding that “the only surprise is that no one questions his place. Nor does it hold him responsible for the incalculable damage done to the Portuguese.”

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In line with Altice and NOS, the . file Vodafone responded to the decision Pointing to the regulator’s “hobby” and “lightness” errors, adding that “the duration of the auction, and the unfortunate European record that resulted in it, is nothing more than a result of the way it was designed.” “An auction of such importance to the companies that participate in it, which supports a technology critical to the country, cannot be seen as a television series, where the director decides, from time to time, to change the original script because he does not do so. Like the development of history,” she says. Vodafone Anacom does.

One thing is for sure: the auction in Portugal will go down in history as the longest ever, although it is considered one of the most complete. After failing to implement 5G in 2020, as intended by the European Commission, Anacom aims to have active services in the first quarter of 2021, something that will not happen during the first half of this year.

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