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6 reasons why you should use Google Photos on your iPhone

6 reasons why you should use Google Photos on your iPhone

When thinking about backing up photos on an iPhone, many people think of iCloud before they think of Google Photos. However, Google Photos is an alternative you should consider. Want to know why? Today we give you 6 reasons.

1. Better cross-platform support

Google is known for not being discriminatory when it comes to its services. As an iPhone user, you can take advantage of this and place your photos in a convenient place Which you can easily access on another device.

Although it is possible to access photographs ICloud On an Android smartphone via the browser, You will not be able to sync or upload new photos of the same. So, if you have an Android smartphone and an iPhone, Google Photos is a better option than iCloud when you want all your photos to be in one place.

On the other hand, you can use iCloud and Google Photos together, and selectively upload photos to the Google app. For example, you can backup your passport and CC photos to Google Photos as they are important documents What you might need in an emergency.

2. Make an automatic backup to Google

If you use Google Drive and Google Photos on your computer and on the web, it's time to make their use official and install Google Photos on your iPhone. Save yourself the hassle of syncing a lot of photos And do this automatically when you take a photo using the Google Photos app.

While iCloud works well as a photo backup tool, it relies on a single cloud storage platform to store all your content Not perfect.

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If you're paranoid, you can take comfort in using Google Photos as a backup from your iCloud backup. You are unlikely to lose access to your iCloud account And your Google account at the same time.

3. Use Google Photos for more cloud storage

iCloud gives you 5GB of free cloud storage Google Photos gives you 15GB, which is shared with Gmail and Google Drive. If you combine them, you can get a total of 20GB of free cloud storage space, which is quite acceptable.

You can split your photos and put most of them in Google Photos while constantly deleting photos in the Photos app. You should also consider freeing up your iCloud storage space To ensure your 5GB limit lasts as long as possible.

However, for those at the extreme end of this range, you may find that a 2TB iCloud plan isn't enough for all your data — which is possible if you're a content creator, for example. You can integrate Google Photos as a complementary cloud storage service And get another 2TB.

4. Search for images using Google Lens

Google Photos comes with Google Lens built-in as a feature. Thanks to Google Lens, you can search for images with near-perfect resolution. It uses machine learning to find objects and text in photos and videos based on your search parameters. It seems to do it better From the default Photos app on your iPhone.

But that's when you're looking for photographs; You can also use your photo as a reference for online searches using Google Lens. For example, you can take a screenshot of a coat on Instagram, and access Google Images And look for this coat. Google searches for locations where the product is available and displays the price.

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You can learn about dog breeds online, view restaurant reviews, scan foods on menus, and shop more efficiently with Google Lens. It is a very useful tool that you should definitely have on your iPhone.

Google Lens image text

5. Edit photos and videos with Google Photos

Google Photos is also a good photo and video editor. It's as good as the Photos app for editing, But some editing tools are blocked Because of Google One's paywall.

The only thing that sets it apart from Apple's Photos app Is that it allows you to create movies. It may not be the best feature in the world for you, but it's worth considering as an additional option when editing photos on your iPhone.

6. Easily manage your photos based on Google

With Google Photos, you can create albums, share photos, delete videos and photos, edit, etc. Everything on your iPhone. You don't need to open your computer or search for an Android device to do all this.

For this reason alone, it can be helpful to have Google Photos on your iPhone. The application makes managing your photos stored on Google Much easier.

iCloud is essential for your Apple devices to work together seamlessly. That's why we don't recommend abandoning it completely and switching to Google Photos alone. Make the most of both!

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