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66 million year old fossil may be a dinosaur that died in an asteroid collision

It may be a fossil of Thescelosaurus discovered in North Dakota, USA to a dead animal Today the asteroid Chicxulub hit the ground, about 66 million years ago. The event is widely known as the impact that killed 75% of animal species on our planet – including unmarried dinosaurs.

While this is still awaiting confirmation, the scientists behind the discovery believe that the fragments and particles volcanic glass Included in these and other fossils found on the voyage justify the suspicion that they were animals that died on the fateful day.

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North Dakota is very rich in fossils of different animals at different times. Although far from the immediate area of ​​impact asteroid, it is known that the amount of shock damage is quite large: the space object was somewhere between 10 kilometers (kilometres) and 12 kilometers in length. The resulting crater is about 120 kilometers in size and 20 kilometers in depth – one of the largest natural impact structures from Earth.

We have a lot of details about this excavation site You tell us what happened minute by minute – it’s like we’re watching a movie about what happened.”

Robert de Palma, a graduate student at the University of Manchester, UK, and head of excavation at Tanis, the excavation site in question.

Professor Phil Manning, De Palma’s advisor, said the discovery was “absolutely amazing” and something he “never dreamed of” in his career: “The time-solution we can achieve at this location is beyond our wildest dreams. It shouldn’t really exist, but it’s beautiful.” Absolutely completely,” he commented.

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According to several outside consultants, Thescelosaurus’ leg (in the video above), skin fragments of a Triceratops (Pictured below) and several gauges of fish of time. Experts say Thescelosaurus died “more or less instantly”. However, others were skeptical of the result and said they would wait for a peer-reviewed study to confirm – or reject – the animal’s timeline.

The skin of Triceratops is among the discoveries made at the fossil site in the United States: a fossil from the region may have been a dinosaur that died on the day of the asteroid impact, 66 million years ago (Image: BBC/University of Manchester/Memo)

Although final confirmation has yet to be made, the BBC has already filmed a documentary about the findings on site, which is set to air on April 15. DePalma, a relative of famous filmmaker Brian DePalma, is one of the presenters.

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