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75Hz monitor with 33% larger screen at R$700 discount on Amazon

75Hz monitor with 33% larger screen at R$700 discount on Amazon

Amazon offers the LG 75Hz Ultra Wide Monitor. In this offer, you can save more than R$ 700 (Product link).

The 29-inch LG monitor features a 21:9 aspect ratio and Full HD (2560 x 1080) resolution, offering 33% more screen real estate than traditional monitors. This allows users to view more content at once, which is ideal for those working with multiple reports or participating in video calls with the need to share and view various information at the same time.

With features like OnScreen Control and Screen Split 2.0, the monitor offers the flexibility to customize the screen layout in up to 14 different modes, including the option to display two windows simultaneously through the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function. This makes multitasking easier and improves user efficiency by allowing you to work on multiple documents or applications without having to constantly switch between windows.

The display's HDR10 technology ensures superior picture quality, with better brightness and contrast, delivering more vivid and detailed images. This feature is especially useful in content that benefits from a wider range of colors and brightness levels, such as videos, games, and graphic works.

The display's IPS panel ensures exceptional color accuracy and offers a wide viewing angle, maintaining color accuracy across 99% of the sRGB spectrum. This is critical for professionals who depend on color accuracy in their jobs, such as designers, photographers, and video editors.

In addition to advanced display features, the monitor is also designed for comfort and functionality, with height adjustment and an anti-glare screen that reduces eye strain during extended periods of use. The 75Hz refresh rate contributes to providing a smooth visual experience, whether for work or play.

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Since this is a promotion, the price and terms stated here may change at any time depending on the number of items in stock or units reserved for this offer.

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