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Ilja Jasjin viste seierstegnet før dommen falt i Moskva i dag. Etter at straffeutmålingen var kjent, sa han at makthaverne forsøker å skremme alle med slike "hysteriske dommer".

8.5 years for publishing “false information” about the Russian army – NRK Urix – Foreign Documentary News

More than 300 Ukrainians were killed as Russian forces took control of the town of Bucha, northeast of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

The NRK team was among the first to photograph the bodies on the streets of Potsja after the soldiers left town. The news of the mass killing of civilians spread all over the world.

Russia’s Ilya Yashin described the killings as a “massacre” on his YouTube channel on April 7. He did not believe the official version of the authorities.

A few days ago, the Russian Foreign Minister was Sergey Lavrov He said that the corpses on the streets of Bucha were “arranged” by the Ukrainian authorities.

This summer, Gasgin was arrested for spreading “false information.”

BUTSJA: Jablunska Street in Bautsja on April 2. According to the Russian authorities, its soldiers withdrew on 30 March. According to the family, the dead man closest to the photo must have been shot when he emerged with his arms in the air at a Russian checkpoint. Russian authorities claim that these and other images have been manipulated.

Photo: Ronaldo Schmidt/AFP

Putin demanded that this madness stop

In his closing statement to the court on December 5, Yashin asked the president to “stop the madness” in Ukraine. He called Vladimir Putin “the one responsible for this massacre”.

Gasgin also said he has no regrets.

– It is physically painful to think of the number of people killed in that war. Gasgin said to remember all the broken destinies.

Temporary grave in Batsha.

Greve: One of the many cemeteries in Potsja photographed by the NRK team on April 3.

Photo: Mohammed Al-Ayoubi/NRK

The maximum penalty for “discrediting” the Russian armed forces or spreading “false” information is 15 years. Gasgen was sentenced to 8.5 years in a penal colony.

The punishment against the former local politician is the most severe yet in line with the new laws.

A court against war

Gasgin himself made an optimistic comment on the day’s ruling. is the ‘Ekho’ channel on the social messaging service Telegram which quotes:

– The trial was aimed at exposing the enemy of the people at my back. But it turned into an anti-war court. We told the truth about military crimes, Gasgin said.

Ilya Yashin in a cage at the courtroom in Moscow on November 29.

Arrested: Ilya Yashin was arrested in a Moscow park this summer. He was previously the leader of the district council in a suburb of Moscow. Here in a cage during court proceedings.

Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

It is not clear where Gasgin will serve his sentence. But she will be in a “normal” labor camp, that is, not in the strictest category.

Putin on human rights

On Wednesday of this week, Vladimir Putin met with the “Human Rights Council” chaired by the President.

There, he distanced himself from what he called the West’s attempt to “use the international doctrine of human rights to justify its hegemony.”

Before the annual meeting with the President, the members of the Human Rights Council are required It was said About the questions they shouldn’t be asking.

For example, about the number of dead soldiers, or the laws that were now used to judge Jasgin.

President Vladimir Putin toasts Russian soldiers who have just been awarded the Gold Star and the title of Hero of Russia in the Grand Ballroom of the Kremlin.  All soldiers served at the front in Ukraine.  December 8th.

December 8: President Vladimir Putin toasts Russian soldiers who have just been awarded the Gold Star and title of Hero of Russia in the Grand Ballroom of the Kremlin. All soldiers served at the front in Ukraine.

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/AP

Thousands were arrested for resisting the war

According to the Independent Human Rights Project OVD information19,441 people were arrested for expressing their opposition to the war.

The figure does not include those who have been formally charged, such as Ilja Jasjin.

OVD-Info has long cooperated with the Memorial Center for Human Rights. But the center has now been dissolved by the Russian Supreme Court.

OVD-Info helps politically persecuted people with legal aid. In Russia where it is becoming increasingly risky.

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