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8 Best Business Communication Courses


No matter what your career field is, business communication skills will always be in demand. While the knack of communicating professionally and effectively comes easily to some, others might need a bit of help to hone their skills. 

Below, we suggest a few business communication courses that can offer some guidance in this. Bear in mind that these are not strictly for professionals. Instead, even students can look into these programs to showcase the certification in their resumes. Moreover, many of these courses can be taken at your own pace. So students can ask an expert to write my term paper on and find time every day to complete the course. 

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at what the best business communication courses have to offer. 

1. Business 101: Business Communication Skills in 2022 on Udemy 

This course tells you everything you need to know about proper business etiquette. The program covers verbal, written, and management skills and will help you effectively communicate your message. Moreover, once you enroll, you will get lifetime access to lectures, and you will be able to engage with the instructor. 

You will not only learn good manners for the workplace, but the program can even help you deal with work-related challenges. In addition to all this, the course also has parts that focus on students and how to carry themselves when transitioning into a workplace environment. 

2. Business Communication on edX

Designed by RIT, this course focuses on how individuals can critically evaluate their role in workplace interactions. It will suggest strategies that one can employ for active listening, especially in meetings. You will also learn a trick or two on how to keep a conversation engaging. 

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More importantly, the course discusses how individuals can assess the needs of their clients, which is crucial for the growth of any business. It also covers what practices to adopt to ensure effective face-to-face and remote communication. 

3. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills on Coursera

One of the most important skills required in the business world is the ability to negotiate. Being able to negotiate effectively can make you a valuable member of your company and, in fact, can also help you land better jobs. 

Unlike other courses listed here, users of Coursera can enroll in this course for free and can pay for a certificate after completion if required. The program will teach you how to plan your negotiation strategy, what tactics to use for success, and how to close the deal successfully. The course is provided by the University of Michigan and designed by one of its esteemed professors of business administration. 

4. Business Communication Graduate Certificate by Harvard Extension School 

Harvard has set up an Extension School to help adults continue their education, online or on campus. And one of its most coveted courses is the Business Communication Graduate Certificate. In this, you will learn to sharpen your communication skills to gain an advantage in the workplace and interact with your customers

You will also learn how to compose the standard set of business communications, including proposals, presentations, and reports. The program also addresses topics such as informational briefing, persuasive messaging, and conflict management. It is also possible to master the techniques of public speaking via the program. 

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5. Business English: Networking on Coursera

Whether you are a student business owner or working in multinational cooperation, networking is something you cannot avoid. And this course particularly caters to those who are not confident with their English speaking skills in a professional context. 

You will start with a proficiency test and have to move forward only if it’s right for you. The course will help you pick up vocabulary and jargon related to socializing in business circles. You will also learn how to recognize and produce formal emails for workplace use. 

6. Workplace Communication: You Can Speak Up at Meetings! – On Udemy

For some people, there is nothing more challenging than having to speak in a meeting. And this course will tell you how to overcome your fear and speak up at meetings. It will also give some tips on how to prepare for a meeting beforehand and how to make sure that people hear you. 

Numerous exercises in the program require you to record yourself speaking on video. In simple words, it encourages you to practice your public speaking skills, and soon enough, you will find yourself being able to get past your nervousness during meetings.  

7. Leading Effective 1-on-1 Meetings: Win Loyalty and Retention – On Udemy 

Speaking about meetings, the pandemic has also led to an increase in the number of 1-on-1 meetings we have, even if it’s via video calls. And these can be very important to shape your role in the company. 

Whether you are the one leading the meeting or taking one, there are some things that you can do to prepare well for it – and this course covers those. It discusses points such as how to use 1-on-1 meetings to benefit your job and career, how to conduct performance reviews and more. You will also gain insight into how to use meetings to solve challenging problems with colleagues. 

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8. Complete Guide to Professional Memos, Letters, and Reports! – On Udemy 

Finally, we are suggesting a course that focuses on the written aspects of business communication. While emails take care of most of the communication in offices. However, professionals are still required to know how to write reports, memos, and sometimes. Even letters. 

The courses are focused on a beginner level and explain in simple terms how to create each type of document. The instructor will also teach you how to be concise and get your point across without any rambling. 

Best Business Communication Courses – Conclusion

Today, the culture in the offices has become more diverse and demanding. It is pertinent that everyone knows about proper etiquette and is able to navigate through the office environment and even outside if necessary. 

These courses will help you take a step forward in the right direction. Moreover, since they are online, you will be able to take them at your own pace.