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8 important tips for staying healthy in 2023

January holidays always come with a lot of temptations, but how can you resist them and stay healthy while enjoying your trip? And how do you stay healthy on long vacations and weekends and throughout the year that just started?

Experts point out valuable tips for breaks, especially for those still traveling in January or Carnival (less than a month left!).

1. Reward yourself, but not too much
“Of course you’re going to have fun,” says endocrinologist Francisco Tostice, partner at Nutrindo Ideals Clinic. But it doesn’t have to be all the time. It’s about the 80/20 rule where you eat healthily 80% of the time. Allow yourself a treat once in a while, but think about the fruits and vegetables you like and eat more. Make your choices about what you eat instead of going Autopilot,” says Tostes.

2. Beware of alcohol
“Vacation heartbeat” is an irregular heartbeat due to heavy drinking, which people are more likely to do on breaks. In hot climates, alcohol carries additional dangers.

“Try not to overindulge in alcoholic beverages,” says cardiologist Marianna James. Excess alcohol has a diuretic effect and can lead to dehydration. Try to stay below the recommended limit: The World Health Organization (WHO) considers a maximum consumption of 21 units of alcohol per week for men and 14 units for women.

3. Stay active
Vacations or long weekends are ideal for relaxing, but there are also opportunities to stay active. “Try to do it in a fun way,” says Mathios Sarria, a personal trainer who specializes in exercise physiology and online coaching.

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4. Stress management
Traveling, spending money, family, and work can make the holiday season stressful. Watch for warning signs of too much stress, including anxiety, sadness, stress, anger, or loss of appetite.

5. Stay dry and comfortable
Could there be anything more annoying than an outbreak of thrush ruining your summer plans?

6. Go Incognito
When it comes to avoiding sunburn, most of us remember to put sunscreen on our arms, legs, and back. However, waking up the next day with a red, sore, and sunburned scalp can be uncomfortable.

7. Beat the buffet
When faced with tempting varieties of foods, follow the trick for healthy choices, such as starting with vegetables and high-fiber foods.

8. Remember that there is always next year
Staying healthy during the holidays means scheduling downtime. It’s easy to fill your calendar with all the invitations and activities available. But a busy schedule can leave you exhausted, tired, and undoubtedly less festive.