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86% of seats in Australia are vacant

The 47 international airlines operating in Australia have reduced their seats by 90.6%

The 86% of seats on international flights to Australia were vacant in January 2021, According to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (DIDRTC).

This month, 47 international airlines Activity in Australia is down 90.6% In the number of places provided due to the crisis caused by Govt-19 and the refusal of the local government to allow entry and exit of tourists.

The result has been the same Australian airlines Lose presence in the international market.

According to the report, Australian lines show low reserves outside the country, so Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines maintain a 14.1% share of the market. Qantas Airways’ market share is only 1.6% In January, it was 25% lower than in the same period, but in 2019.

The shortage of passengers in the last year has caused Qantas a A 3 1,330 million loss ($ 800 million), compared to $ 596 million in revenue in 2019.

Other than that, it means 8,500 workers cutOf the total 29,000 employees, most are on leave and the government pays their salaries.

After the results, Alan Joyce, CEO of Carrier, said Despite the fact that most countries in the world are vaccinated and have open borders, Australia must find that the spread of the virus is “acceptable.”

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“People need to understand that there can be zero risk from this virus. We manage risk to other areas of life in many other ways,” the airline executive said.