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95 petrol sold 4.2 cents above the “effective price”. 1.6-cent diesel is more expensive, reveals ERSE

ERSE (Energy Services Regulatory Authority) published on Monday the “Weekly Supervision Report on Sales Prices to the Public of 95 Simple Petrol and Simple Diesel”, referendum for the week of October 17 and 23.

Thus, on October 17, the specified effective values ​​were 1923 € / liter for regular 95 gasoline and 2025 € / liter for regular diesel.

The ERSE says that “with respect to the previous week, it was found that the average public selling prices advertised on the arcades, which were reported in Balcão Único da Energia, were 4.2 cents/liter above the effective price for that week, at 95 regular gasoline and 1.6 cents / liter is higher in the case of regular diesel.In percentage terms, 95 simple gasoline is declared on the bunkers at 2.2% above the effective price and simple diesel is declared 0.8% above the effective price; the tax on petroleum products (ISP) is fixed for the month of October and published in the order No. / liter and € 0.16348 / liter for normal 95 gasoline and regular diesel, respectively. The ISP applied to 95 simple gasoline and simple diesel has increased compared to last week’s value. “

Decree No. 249-C / 2022, of October 3, enters into force on October 4 and is valid until November 6. It should also be noted that the ISP’s successive updates represent a reduction of 16.6 cents per liter for gasoline and 18 cents per liter for diesel, taking into account the value specified in Order No. 301-a/2018, dated November 23.

For the week from October 17 to October 23, the effective price before taxes is 1,062 euros / liter for regular 95 gasoline and 1,313 euros / liter for regular diesel. After taxes, the effective price is €1923/liter and €2025/liter for regular 95 petrol and regular diesel, respectively.

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The effective rate is the average weekly rate set by the Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE) and is determined by the sum of the following components: fuel prices in the international reference markets, the relevant sea freight and core logistics, including in this segment retains the strategic and safety aspects of the national petroleum system Additional costs with the integration of biofuels and the retail component plus related taxes.

The effective price recorded an update, compared to last week, by + 3.9% for gasoline and + 4.4% for diesel, taking into account the following aspects: the weekly variation in international prices for simple 95 gasoline at + 7.8% and simple diesel by + 7.2%; And by updating the additional cost related to the inclusion of biofuels from 95 simple gasoline at -14.6% and from simple diesel at -16.3%.

Regarding last week, regarding the discount prices published by DGEG, the simple 95 petrol showed a deviation of -0.3% compared to the effective and the simple diesel by -2.9%. In absolute numbers, these estimates are -0.6 cents/liter for simple gasoline, and -5.4 cents/liter for simple diesel, below the respective effective prices.