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A 20-year-old boy falls during a game in Oleros

A 20-year-old boy falls during a game in Oleros

A 20-year-old player from Pedrógão de São Pedro, of Penamacor, fell unfamiliar on the field during the second half of the match against Águias do Moradal, of Oleiros. Young was taken to hospital in Castelo Branco.

Antonio Pinto, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pedrógão de São Pedro, described in statements to Radio Cova da Beira.

Edgar Marquez, the 20-year-old defender, fell at Estreito, Oleros, on Sunday afternoon, at a time when he was away from a ball fray. “When we realized this, the player was lying on the field,” added the Penamacor board team manager.

The second half was halfway and the match was “stopped for about half an hour” for Edgar to receive assistance, first by the team masseuse, then by the fire department and the emergency medical and recovery (VMER) team. He was then transferred to the Amato Lusitano Hospital in Castelo Branco. “When Istretto left, the player was already settled,” added Antonio Pinto.

The match between Águias do Moradal, of Oleiros, and Pedrógão de São Pedro, of Penamacor, in Round 14 of the Castelo Branco District Football Championship, ended with the home team winning 3-1.

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