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A 32-year-old rape complaint has been filed against an Australian minister

This content was released on 20 March 2021 – 05:26

SYDNEY (Australia), March 2 (EFE) .- Australian police announced on Tuesday that they had filed a rape complaint against a minister they had been dating since 1988, which, in the absence of evidence, was consistent with other allegations of abuse. Image of the government.

The case was made public on Friday when local newspapers reported that the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and other members of parliament had received an anonymous letter alleging that a woman had been raped. He entered politics.

Morrison relied on a statement given by a member of his cabinet on Monday that he had not been identified to defend his right to be presumed innocent and that he “completely denies” the allegation.

The president, who received a letter seeking justice against the woman, who committed suicide last year, also pointed out that the police were responsible for the complaint.

This Monday, the New South Wales State Police did not release the woman’s formal statement before she died in June 2020, but after receiving personal documents that she allegedly produced, she received legal advice, according to a statement from Efe.

However, the police came to the conclusion that there was “insufficient evidence to proceed” with these investigations, which were complicated after the victim’s death and the time elapsed after the accused was charged.

New South Wales Police have suspended investigations into the woman’s suicide last year, while South Australian State Police are preparing a report on her death.

Apart from this case, the executive has faced harsh criticism since mid-February, when Morrison’s former Liberal Party adviser announced in 2019 that he had been raped by a former colleague in parliament, following three more complaints against the man. Then against an opposition deputy.

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The poll, Essential, published by The Guardian Australia on Tuesday, suggests that two out of three political Australians believe they want to defend their political interests more than women who have filed sexual harassment complaints in parliamentary departments. EFE

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