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A big clash at the start of the Hungarian GB!  However, this is not the end of bizarre events [WIDEO]

A big clash at the start of the Hungarian GB! However, this is not the end of bizarre events [WIDEO]

There was already a major clash in the first lap of the Hungarian GB race. Valteri Potas had a terrible start from the 2nd field, he was overtaken by several drivers. Fin brake failure on the wet track went to corner 1, leading to a rear-end collision with Lando Norris’ car, after which Sergio Perez, Norris and Potas had to retire.

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F1 changes can be made after the accident of the crossgene. Not everything worked

After being attacked by Norris, he severely damaged his Max Verstappen car. The damage was so severe that it could not be repaired. The Red Bull mechanics tried to defend themselves using tape so the Dutchman could even fight to finish the match.

Robert Kubika went to training in front of the Hungarian GB. “Project completed successfully”

However, there is still a lot going on behind the scenes. Lance Stroll also failed to brake and spun 1 time and collided with the side of Charles Lecklerk’s car. The Ferrari driver continued to try to drive but later stopped a corner due to damage.

Strange restart of the race for the Hungarian GP

A red flag was displayed on the track, indicating the interruption of the race for more than 20 minutes. After this time, all drivers returned to the rear lane of the safety car, still in intermediate tires. At the end of the lap, everyone except Lewis Hamilton pulled the pit path to replace the dry track tires.

Michael Schumacher celebrates the 2016 F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai.We know the first scene of the movie about Schumacher! “I’ll show you the way Michael is”

Britain were the only ones standing on the stage to start the match again. So, following the match the spectators started the most bizarre race in history, even surpassing the infamous American GP of 2005. At the time, only 6 drivers of Bridgestone tires were starting. Teams using Michael’s tires had to withdraw from the tournament due to the risk of not being able to bear the heavy loads in the final corner.

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