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A black hole crosses space and leaves behind stars – science

A black hole crosses space and leaves behind stars – science

Space scientists discovered that huge slot black It crossed space, leaving a trail of newborn stars 200,000 light-years across. According to scientists, this phenomenon may have arisen from an unusual interaction of masses between galaxies, a mass 20 million times greater than that of the Sun.

Peter van Dokkum, a specialist at Yale University, explained: “We think that what we see is a trace behind the black hole where the gas cools and is able to form stars.”Hubble Space Telescopefrom NASA.

According to the researchers, the gas is likely to be expelled and heated by motion slot black. The gas is discharged in front through a high-speed supersonic impact slot black Duqm said.

The object could have been expelled from a Heavenly “menage-a-trois”.. The applied theory is that two galaxies have merged 50 million years They joined two giant black holes, harmoniously orbiting each other.

However, a third galaxy collided with them into a black hole of its own, creating an unstable and chaotic trio that eventually ejected one of them at speeds up to the speed of travel between Earth and the Moon in 14 minutes.

Astronomers have explained that this fact occurred at a very great distance from Earth a long time ago, when the universe was half its present age, and is visible now only because of the time it took for light to get here.

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