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A black rhinoceros was born in Australia and is on the verge of extinction – 03/06/2021

For endangered species, a birth is like a tribute to the soul, another chance for nature to appreciate its richness. For this reason, in Daronga West Plains Zoo, Located in central New South Wales AustraliaThey have reason to celebrate: a black rhino was born a few months after his father died.

In the early hours of February 24, the experienced Pakita went into labor. Finally, A healthy black rhinoceros calf was born. It fills another woman with confidence as to the permanence of the race.

Steve Hinks, director of the Daronga Western Plains Zoo, stressed the importance of birth as the species’ living specimens are very limited. The as yet unnamed, little black rhinoceros did not leave its mother for even a second.

“This calf is so important because it has the legacy of our black rhino breeder Kansa, who died tragically in 2020,” Hinks said. Guanza’s involvement in the species conservation program was significant: he directed four black rhino calves, including a newborn.

Under proper health conditions, both mother and baby will be in care. The care of the two black rhinos will also be intensified over the next two months, after which they will be placed at the request of their mates.

The world population of the African black rhinoceros (Dyceros picornis) is concentrated in eastern and western South Africa. According to the 2018 census, there are only 5,630 life models.

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Despite the dangerous nature of the situation, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN, in its abbreviated English) promised that the number of specimens of these large mammals would gradually increase year by year.

Although the growth rate is about 2.5% per year, it is sufficient to assume that this species, which has suffered from poaching and illegal trade for many years, can survive.

A strange black rhinoceros was born in Australia.  Photo: La Nacion GTA
A strange black rhinoceros was born in Australia. Photo: La Nacion GTA