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A BOLA - A central strengthening is under analysis but Ruben Semedo is out (Benfica)

A BOLA – A central strengthening is under analysis but Ruben Semedo is out (Benfica)

Lucas Verissimo’s serious injury – which leaves him out at least until the end of this season – and the need for a replacement in the squad deserve detailed analysis in the coming days.

Thus, the intervention plan in relation to the market would be an approach made with the coach based on the idea that Jesus has for the sector, assuming that the three-position system must be maintained even without Lucas Verissimo. The competitive break, in these two weeks, will give SAD some wiggle room to understand the meaning of the strategy that will be put in place, in the event that resorting to the market is really inevitable, as everything indicates that it will be. And one of the first decisions to make is to understand whether, when someone arrives, they will come permanently or on loan. In any case, it will all depend on the options available at that time.

Ruben Semedo, 27, the Portuguese international with Olympiacos, was a name already on Jorge Jesus’ agenda last season, and that continues to please the Benfica coach. However, a source from Red SAD confirmed to A BOLA that it is not and will not be a name in the equation given the known profile of additional football problems the player has been involved in.

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