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A BOLA - A police investigation links a youth suicide to the sacking of Manchester City (England)

A BOLA – A police investigation links a youth suicide to the sacking of Manchester City (England)

According to a judicial inquiry reported on Monday, 18-year-old Jeremy Westin, who committed suicide last year, notes less than two years after leaving Manchester City’s academy after a knee injury. Citizens For not providing the necessary support to the English young man.

Jeremy Westin has played for City since he was 13 and was pronounced dead by the team of paramedics who rushed to the family home in Baguley, south of Manchester, on the tragic night of October 24, 2020, after the mother found her hanged. her sister’s room.

The Manchester Court of Justice has learned that in 2018, Jeremy Westen saw his hopes of a fellowship collapse at the club after a serious knee injury had already left him off the field for five months, and at the time he found himself dealing with ligaments. The injury that left him in “terrible pain” can be read in the poll published by several British media.

Jeremy’s father, Manila Westin, told the inquiry committee that he “can’t believe it [Jeremy] He wanted to commit suicide,” but added that football was his son’s passion and that he “had admired Manchester City player Vincent Kompany since he was a child” and explained: “He was born as an athlete. I’ve always wanted to be number one in everything I do. Football became everything to him, he kicked the ball all over the house and did nothing less than his best. I would have been successful in everything I did.”

However, later, everything changed, the parent said: “After the injury, nothing has changed. This did not stop him completely, he was in great pain. I had to remind him that some things in life are uncontrollable and I continued to encourage him to Being strong. It was tough, but he always kept his love for football.”

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Manila Westin also noted that Jeremy had earned honors in undergraduate studies and enrolled in forensic science courses at Manchester universities in the days before his death, as the family decided it was important to focus on Jeremy’s future. Studies after school were brilliant results.

According to a recent study, less than one percent of kids who join English clubs, by the age of nine, make a big difference. More than 75 percent have been laid off between the ages of 13 and 16. Nearly 98 percent of young people who signed their first professional contract at age 16 do not continue to work in any of the first five departments when they turn 18. Only eight out of every 400 footballers who sign a professional contract at the age of 18 with a Premier League team manage to continue at the highest level at the age of 22. Only 180 children out of the more than 1.5 million playing football in England have made it to the Premier League. : The success rate is 0.012%.