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A BOLA - Abel Ferreira gets emotional when he talks to Palmeiras staff (videos) (Brazil)

A BOLA – Abel Ferreira gets emotional when he talks to Palmeiras staff (videos) (Brazil)

Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira celebrated this Saturday one year in the Brazilian club, and the officials did not let history go unnoticed, applauding him and presenting him with a “Verdao” shirt signed by everyone in the academy.

During the envelope letter as a form of thanks, the coach did not hold back his tears. “Living alone is very difficult, but you were my family. I thought I only had one family and found two. The only word I can think of is thank you to each and every one of you. The day I leave here, my biggest nickname is you,” he said with much applause.

Abel Ferreira also posted a video on social media on the occasion of the following day: “A year from the Palmeiras family. It is a case of saying: Avanti, lecture. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but I experienced a lot of emotions. Avanti, lecture. Being Palmeiras is a way of life. Avanti, lecture. Being a part of the history of this great club is a great honor and privilege. Avanti, lecture. Thank you to everyone who helped me adapt quickly to our club, Brazilian football and Brazil, everyone who works in the training center, all our fans, in a very special way, the Board of Directors and President Galliot, the technique of my committee, all the staff and in a very special and very respectful way to the true and great champions: the players. Thank you so much. We are all one. Avanti, lecture.