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A BOLA - «Abel Ferreira is smart, well above average for his age» (Palmeiras)

A BOLA – «Abel Ferreira is smart, well above average for his age» (Palmeiras)

Two-time Libertadores Cup champion Abel Ferreira, on Tuesday, was the target of widespread acclaim from Weaverton. The veteran Palmeiras goalkeeper called the Portuguese coach’s request immediately after the victory over Flamengo (2-1), which filled the second continental cup.

«I have a special relationship with Abel, he asked us to pray our father that moment. I prayed for his life and he was happy. I told him in other Libertadores that it was just the beginning of his career. He is a young coach, very intelligent, above average for his age. You will make a mistake, just as a player makes a mistake. “,” revealed in front of the program Well, friends!Explaining how the moments before the Flamengo match were like: “In the most important matches, he insists on the participation of families. Nest had a very special video with messages from our family members. I got to my room and had a message from my wife with the medal I won in Rio de Janeiro [1-0 ao Santos], and a video clip to say to protect what was ours.”

With the contract expiring next June, it remains uncertain that Abel Ferreira will remain at Palmeiras. With that, Waverton left a wish.

“Of course living away from his family is difficult, but if he stays, Palmeiras will take it. He’s the only one who knows what’s going on, but if you bet, he’ll stay,” he concluded.

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