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A BOLA - Alaba inherits 4 Sergio Ramos: "It was the number they gave me" (Real Madrid)

A BOLA – Alaba inherits 4 Sergio Ramos: “It was the number they gave me” (Real Madrid)

David Alaba has been officially introduced as a Real Madrid player for the next five seasons. The Austria international, who completed his career over a decade at Bayern Munich, will wear the number 4 jersey of Sergio Ramos, who left the club this season for Paris Saint-Germain.

“I spoke to the club about it, it was the number they gave me and I don’t think there was another number available. I know what that number means for the club and I am honored to use it, it is something that motivates me so much. It is a number that represents strength and leadership,” he said, shrugging, though , a comparison with former captain Meiring: “You can’t compare me to the other players. I am David Alaba and I will always be. I came to be myself and help with my characteristics.”

On the choice of Real Madrid: “I decided to take a step forward in my career. I received many offers, but there was only one choice, and that was Real Madrid. It is a dream come true, this is the biggest club in the world and this is the challenge I was looking for.”

Alaba also expressed his regret for Zidane’s exit from Real Madrid’s training, but he expressed his happiness to meet Carlo Ancelotti, who worked with him at Bayern: “We have a good relationship and I am very happy to train with him again.”

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