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A BOLA ANALYSIS – Duarte Gomez for Casa Pia Sporting issues (La Liga)

A BOLA ANALYSIS – Duarte Gomez for Casa Pia Sporting issues (La Liga)

Two related errors, one of which is justified in a call from the CA

There are days when things don’t go as we hoped. That’s what happened.

Referee score: 3

Nuno Almeida, one of the oldest referees in the current squad, traveled to Rio Mayor to take charge of Casa Pella FC Sporting CP on Friday night. Algarve (48 years old last July) is an extraordinary case of longevity based on technical quality, sensitivity to function and efficiency. The truth is that there are days when things don’t go the way we hope and want. This is what happened to the arbitration team yesterday, especially in the preliminary stage. But here we are.

Below is a technical analysis of the top bids relevant to the match:

1 ‘ – A few seconds passed when Clayton Silva made a very difficult tackle on Ricardo Esgayo. The referee understood that the offense could be managed from a disciplinary point of view, but he was wrong. The foul was really careless and justified a yellow card.

3 ‘ – The opening goal of the match, with the following notes as seen in position: The image sent initially looked Suggest that Paulinho would be ahead of Vasco Fernandez, when Ricardo Esgayo befriended the ball; Contrary to usual, Cidade do Futebol has informed the operator that it will not provide offside technology lines during the match transmission. At the end of the match, a statement by the FPF Referee Board was announced, in which an analytical error was assumed in the room, stating that Sporting’s first goal should have been disallowed due to Paulinho’s offside (9 cm), rather than validating it. 19 cm. Serious mistakes should always be regretted, and the ability to recognize them instantly should always be praised. Full marks for the noble behavior of the injured coach, Felipe Martins. It is not for those who want it, it is only for those who can.

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15′ – Nuno Almeida was right to interrupt the match after there was an indication that the spectators would have difficulties in the stands. The quick action of the medical teams was also commendable. A speedy and full recovery is expected for those who have suffered from this ordeal. The break for this purpose lasted about 12 minutes, which was added at the end of the first half.

36 ‘ Nuno Almeida’s well-intentioned attempt to delay the card show as much as possible was noted, but Vasco Fernandez’s grip on Geocres was too firm and pervasive. The Sporting striker only caught his teammate when he tried to balance after being constantly loaded. Yellow to show Casa Pia’s central defence.

38 ‘ – Error in analysis by the refereeing team, now in relevant play: Marcus Edwards touched the ball and it fell from Zolotek’s reckless kick, which arrived late into play. It can be seen that the fall on the field looked theatrical but the offense was present, had a cause/effect and should have been punished with a penalty kick in favor of Sporting.

45 + 10′ – Zolotek came hard on Paulinho, in a move Nuno Almeida was adept at letting go (I left the ball in good shape to Morita). Casapiano could have been warned in the next interruption.

45 + 12′ Badly showed a yellow card for Benny. Nuno Almeida realized that the Angolan midfielder cut down a promising attack led by Edwards, but the truth was that his tackle was legal (yes, Pablo Roberto, fouled behind the opponent’s back).

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55 ‘ Fernando Varela was well warned after stepping on the foot of Pedro Gonçalves as a result of careless entry. The referee was fine.

58 ‘ Casa Pilla legal goal: Clayton was in a regular position when Fernando Varela provided the assist.

61 ‘ – Huge merit of Nuno Almeida in the move that culminated in Sporting Lisbon’s second game: the Algarve referee applied the advantage twice in a row, allowing the show not to be interrupted before Paulinho successfully finished off. here they are decisions worthy goals.

72 ‘ – A well-appeared yellow card for Gonzalo Inácio after knocking out Goodwin, which prevented him from advancing to the promising area.

90 ‘ – Neto saw the right of the yellow card after he traced Jenny Katamo with apparent negligence.

90 + 8′ – Geralds was warned after stepping in from behind, with some carelessness, on the legs of Mateus Fernandez.