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A BOLA - Barcelona - Sporting: Follow here live (FUTSAL

A BOLA – Barcelona – Sporting: Follow here live (FUTSAL

20 minutes: Yellow card for Thomas Baku.

20 minutes: Sporting’s fifth foul.

20 minutes: Diego Cavenato cross, saved by Didak Plana.

19th minute: Barcelona goal! Beto, after recovering the ball near the midfield, fired 2-0.

19th minute: Dyego’s shot to Guitta’s hard save.

18 minutes: a technical break requested by Jesus Velasco, Barcelona coach.

17 minutes: Excellent work by Beto, he worked his back to the goal and then left Marcinho, who shot a little to the side of Jetta’s right post.

16th minute: Barcelona’s fourth mistake.

16th minute: Barcelona goal! Sérgio Lozano, on the left flank, pushed Joao Matos out of the way and shot without a chance to defend Guitta. 1-0.

16th minute: Barcelona’s third mistake.

15 minutes: Barcelona’s second mistake.

15 minutes: A powerful shot from Mateos Rodriguez, still from outside the area, as the ball hit the left post of Guitta’s goal before going out.

13 minutes: Diego Cavenato with the header and Zeke T with the right foot, Didak Plana’s defense kicks a corner kick.

13 minutes: Technical break requested by Sporting coach Nuno Dias.

12th minute: Fernando Cardinal’s shot, after a great recovery for Thomas Baku, next to the left post of the goal defended by Didak Plana.

11 minutes: Yellow card for Nuno Dias (Sporting coach).

10 minutes: Yellow card to Waltino.

10 minutes: Sporting’s fourth foul.

9 minutes: Marcino, on the edge of the area, shoots to the defense of Guetta. When reloading, Firao shoots Diego Cavenato’s legs.

9 minutes: Alex Merlim’s left-footed cross was blocked by Didak Plana with caution.

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8 minutes: Diego Cavenato tried his luck, still from outside the area, but the Italian international’s shot hit Diego and did not go towards Didak Plana’s goal.

8 minutes: a yellow card for Michelangelo.

8 minutes: Sporting’s third foul.

7 minutes: Sergio Lozano, in the attacking position, tries to shoot at Guitta’s goal, but Zicky Té, giving his body to the shot, prevents the Barcelona captain’s shot from causing a danger to the Leonen goalkeeper.

6 minutes: A medium-range shot for Jetta, with the ball slightly off the right post of the goal defended by Didak Plana. And Thomas Paco, next to the column, could not turn around so little …

5 minutes: Barcelona’s first mistake.

5 minutes: On the counter-attack, after a pass from De Beto, Mateos Rodriguez tries to poke the ball over Guitta, but the Leonin goalkeeper makes an excellent intervention.

4 minutes: Sporting’s second foul.

4 min: Alex Merlem, lower left, hits a cross to be saved by Didak Plana.

4 minutes: Sporting’s first foul.

3 minutes: Adolfo Fernandez cross saves Jetta.

Two minutes: Alex Merlim’s shot and Didak Blana saved a corner kick.

Match start!

Barcelona: Didak Plana, Andre Coelho, Diego, Adolfo Fernandez and Ferrao

Alternatives: Alex Loach, Mikel Vixas, Bernat Bofill, Matthews Rodriguez, Sergio Lozano cNicolas Maron, Beto, Marcinho and Carlos Ortiz

Coach: Jesus Velasco

Sporting: Guitta, Tomás Paço, João Matos cDiego Cavanato and Alex Merlin

Alternatives: Bernardo Paco, Zeke T, Fernando Cardinal, Eric Mendonca, Polita, Altino, Miguel Angelo, Esteban Guerrero

Coach: Nuno Dias

the reviewer: Nikola Djelic and Vidran Babic (Croatia)

There really is a difference!

Jesus Velasco in anticipation of this final: “We are ready and our motivation could not be greater. The players are feeling a little tired after the effort against Benfica, but this match will give us more strength for the final. There is not much to say about Sporting because now everyone knows how good they are. They are in place with merit and are the defending champions. We are talking about a great team that stands out at every moment of the match.”

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Nuno Dias in anticipation of this final: “The team is in good shape, mentally and physically. It is no secret that we will face a very difficult opponent, but we will prepare in the best possible way so that we can reclaim the title. I think the best way to explain the success we’ve had in recent years has to do with the fact that we are always in a constant learning process. Barcelona are a team that used to win and the way they beat Benfica says all you need to know about them. Our success will depend on our ability to overcome those times when we will have to suffer and others when we need to be effective when we are superior.”

Looking at the coaches of the two teams in particular, we are in the presence of two authentic icons of world futsal: Nuno Dias, who in the semi-final match, against ACCS, reached 50 Champions League matches (always on duty. from Sporting), and Jesus Velasco, Who made 57 appearances in the competition, are the two coaches most attended on the bench in Europe’s most prestigious club competition.

But history still tells Sporting (more): The green and white logo is the first to reach five finals in six seasons and may be the first to win three European titles in four seasons.

Still in regards to Leonen’s prospects, it is worth noting that should they win this afternoon’s match, Sporting enters the banned group of teams that have managed to win the title in two consecutive seasons – something that, so far, only has Playas Castellon and Inter. Movistar (both from Spain) succeeded.

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It is worth noting that both Sporting and Barcelona were present in five finals. The Lions won twice and lost three, and the Catalans, on the contrary, won three and lost two. Today everything can be restricted to this class … It should be noted that Inter Movistar (Spain) is the team that was most often present in the Champions League final (8), and is also the record holder for the number of awards won ( 5 ).

It must be remembered that Sporting has the possibility of winning the Champions League for the third time in its history (after the titles achieved in 2018/2019 and in 2020/2021), and if that happens, Nuno Dias’ team will equalize Barcelona with three titles. won.

Sporting will meet Barcelona this afternoon (16 hours) in a match that will decide the European Futsal Championship. As usual, A BOLA will follow online all the events of the match, as the Lions will want to repeat the achievement they achieved last season, when they beat Barcelona specifically (4-3). Come dear reader…

Good afternoon!