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A BOLA - Benfica attacks Porto's boycott of referees (Basketball)

A BOLA – Benfica attacks Porto’s boycott of referees (Basketball)

Two days after Benfica coach Norberto Alves spoke about the Portuguese basketball controversy, calling Porto a “boycott” of matches that will be officiated by referees Carlos Santos, Fernando Rocha and Paulo Marquez, it was yesterday. Benfica turned to their coach’s side.

The statements of the Eagles coach, after the defeat against Al-Abyad and the Blues last Sunday in the dome of the red emblem, coincided with the publication of the situation through the daily bulletin of the Loz squad.

“If all competing clubs really want to appreciate the league, they should do so constructively and allow the best referees to participate in the most competitive matches. Boycotting referees is a third world practice and will not take the sport to better levels in Portugal”, revealed Benfica, who completed this message:

“At Sport Lisbon and Benfica we demand ourselves in relation to all the teams in the club and we know that our coach is focused on improving and correcting some of the team dynamics. However, we are attentive and can’t help but support the arguments made by our coach Norberto Alves.”

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