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A BOLA - Benfica - Dynamo Kiev: Live broadcast here (Youth League)

A BOLA – Benfica – Dynamo Kiev: Live broadcast here (Youth League)

46 min: A double substitution at Dynamo Kiev, with the departures of Artem Benedyuk and Ihor Horbach, in favor of Anton Tsarenko and Vasyl Tancak.

The beginning of the second part!

Red youth standing in front of the scoreboard, as a result of a goal scored by Luis Semedo, in the last moments of the first half. The move that led to the striker’s goal is noteworthy, as it allowed the understanding between several of his teammates, until Pedro Santos, in the middle of the field, gave a superb opener to Diego Moreira, on the left, with No. 11. A millimeter cross that Luis Semedo, at the far post, was He just has to drag it to score.

After the first threat from Dynamo Kiev – Nazar Voloshin, 6 minutes later, Samuel Soares hit the left hard from far – Benfica, far from a great performance, was the most dominant team with more possession time in the opposing midfield.

Now, with the Eagles’ advantage, it is likely that the Ukrainians will be able to open up a bit more, in a bid to reach a tie that allows them to return to first place in the group, and if this scenario is a reality in the complementary stage, Benfica will be able to take advantage of more space to increase Compete and be (even) more comfortable in the game.

interval! Benfica 1 Dynamo Kiev 0.

One minute of minimum overtime has been added to the first part.

44th minute: Benfica goal! An excellent offensive move by the Reds, Pedro Santos outplayed Diego Moreira, left, with player No. 11 getting a perfect cross for Luis Semedo, in the far corner, to make it 1-0.

42nd minute: Diego Moreira’s shot from a distance with his left foot over the crossbar, crossed the crossbar by Ruslan Neschert.

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39 minutes: Joao Tome hit the right lane, a good cross from the red defender, Luis Semedo barely missed the far post.

37 min: João Neves, after an excellent solo move in the middle lane, ended up already falling into the penalty area, but the referee, in good standing, ordered him to play. The decision that seemed correct by the Hungarian judge.

30 minutes: Artem Benedyuk yellow card.

22nd minute: A corner kick from Martim Neto and Nuno Félix from the left, in an excellent position, in the center of the area, ends up not being shot towards the goal.

16 min: Benfica almost scored! Antonio Silva, who took part in the offensive process, kicked with his right foot, from the edge of the area, with the ball coming out near the goal bar defended by Ruslan Neshir.

14th minute: Volodymyr Brazko’s shot from the middle of the range was blocked by Samuel Soares, near the right post of his goal.

13 minutes: yellow card for Rafael Rodriguez

10 minutes: Diego Moreira yellow card

7 minutes: Yellow card for Anton Paul.

6 minutes: Dynamo Kiev almost scored! Nizar Voloshin, on the edge of the area, shot hard, and the ball hit the left post of Samuel Soares’ goal, who did not even show a reaction …

Although it has been raining all over the country in recent days, the truth is that at the moment, the sun is shining on the Benfica campus, in Seixal, whose pitch appears to be in perfect condition. The stands of the Red Stadium were not well filled and the fans present start cheering for the team from an early age.

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Match start!

Out of curiosity, after comparing these two teams in the first round of the competition, Luis Castro, coach of the Eagles, made four changes regarding that meeting, which took place on September 14, in Kiev. Jan Jevesinac, Cher N’Dor, Ronaldo Camara and Joao Resende leave, and Joao Neves, Nuno Felix, Diego Moreira and Luis Semedo enter.

Joao Felix, the former Benfica player who currently represents Atletico Madrid (the Spaniards played this Tuesday at Estadio do Dragao, against FC Porto), is in the stands of Benfica’s campus, in Seixal, watching Benfica Dynamo Kiev. Remember that the Portugal international is the brother of Hugo Felix, one of the red team’s most brilliant stars, who will start the match this afternoon on the bench.

Luis Castro’s men, in addition to pursuing the victory that would guarantee qualification, also intend to reverse the image they left in Ukraine, in the first round of Group E, where they ended up crushed (0-4) by Dynamo Kiev, in what was the only defeat recorded So far in the competition. After that, Benfica crushed Barcelona and Bayern Munich (both 4-0), beat the Germans again (2-0) and beat the Spaniards (3-0). On the other hand, the Ukrainian national team, after defeating the Reds in the opening round, defeated Bayern Munich with the same result, tied with Barcelona (0-0), crushed the Catalans (4-1), and defeated the Bavarians (2). -1). Therefore, Dynamo Kiev’s 13 points (4 wins and one draw) and 12 points for Benfica (four wins and one defeat) are justified.

Benfica enters this trip in second place of Group E with 12 points, one of the leaders, namely Dynamo Kiev. Which means that in the event of a win, the Reds change their positions with the Ukrainians, end this stage of the competition at the top of the group and qualify directly for the round of 16. The Eagles already have a guaranteed second place (Barcelona, ​​with 4 points, and Bayern, with 0, they no longer have any chance of advancing), and, unlike the UEFA Champions League for Seniors, in this youth league only first place is guaranteed in the Round of 16. The runners-up will have to compete on hem.

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Benfica: Samuel Soares, Joao Tomei, Tomas Araujo NS, Antonio Silva, Rafael Rodriguez, Joao Neves, Nuno Felix, Martim Neto, Pedro Santos, Luis Semedo and Diego Moreira

Alternatives: André Gomez, Martim Ferreira, Jan Jevsinac, Hugo Felix, Joao Neto, Ricardo Marquez, Joao Resende

Fitness Trainer: Luis Castro

Dynamo Kiev: Ruslan Neschert, Artem Benedyuk, Anton Paul, Maxim Dyachuk, Naveen Malish, Oleksandr Yatsik NS, Volodymyr Brazko, Nizar Voloshin, Viktor Pleznichenko, Samba Diallo and Ihor Horbach

Alternatives: Denis Ahnatenko, Ilya Skripnik, Anton Tsarenko, Arseny Filatov, Dmytro Melnichenko, Vasyl Tanchak and Artur Uvarov

Fitness Trainer: Igor Kostyuk

Rule: dám Farkas (Hungary)

Auxiliaries: Balász Buzás e Norbert Bornemissza (Hungary)

Fourth ruling: Flavio Denis Lima (Portugal)

There really is a difference!

BOLA will monitor online all the action of the match which, if won, automatically guarantees the Reds’ qualification to the Round of 16 of the competition.

Benfica plays on Wednesday (12 hours) against Dynamo Kiev, in a match related to the sixth and final round of Group E of the European Youth League. Which will take place at the Benfica campus in Seixal.

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