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A BOLA - «Benfica is a giant, it is a very special club» (Benfica)

A BOLA – «Benfica is a giant, it is a very special club» (Benfica)

Hilton Light, 30, told the podcast “Atletas Belo Mundo” how he lived his experience at Benfica, the club where he completed his first season.

“Benfica is a giant, everything in the club is very … It is a very special club, it stands out. I am in Brazil and they tell me that they have watched all my matches, and that means the club is really big. It is a great honor to be part of this club”, said the goalkeeper, And soon he expressed his wish:

“I hope to stay at Benfica for a long time, to be very happy and to bring joy to all the fans. It was my dream to be at a big club and today I live that dream, I am more prepared to improve, grow and prepare for the challenges that will arise”.

Helton Leite also wished the fans to return to the stadium quickly: “It is our wish. We hope it will be done safely, but football with an empty stadium is sad. We do not decide anyone, but the fans can return quickly to understand football.”

In about an hour of conversation, Helton Leite also revealed why he played with the number 77: “When I got to Benfica, the number I wanted was already in use. I thought of the 77, because the 7 is a special number, in addition to its religious and evangelical significance. My grandfather passed away in 2007 at the age of 77 and it was an opportunity to honor him.”