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A BOLA - "Benfica puts a lot of people outside, but not here, 99 percent will pay us" (Vitoria de Guimarães)

A BOLA – “Benfica puts a lot of people outside, but not here, 99 percent will pay us” (Vitoria de Guimarães)

Peppa has spoken about how he feels about Vitoria in the years to come, and now that the club has entered its centenary celebrations – it will celebrate its centenary on September 22, 2022.

« What do you expect as you enter the centenary: « It is wonderful, special, different; I risk that this will be my first time playing at home and that I will really feel at home (laughs). When Benfica travels abroad it attracts a lot of people, but not here, it is a special club. I don’t know if it’s 15,000, but 99 percent will affect us, the city wears black and white. We want conquests – we are conquerors – we want to give something special, even though it’s already our commitment. But without worry. For example, we want to make history in the Portuguese Cup, we are far from reaching a big goal in the League Cup. We have to keep in mind that we have to define the city with the fans, with the club, with delivery from start to finish. The three points? We all want him.”

Given the transfer figures of Francisco Ribeiro (11 million euros, according to the report and calculations) and Rafael Pereira, totaling 15 million euros, they will be merged immediately. [Estão na equipa B]?: “No, the team knows who is working with us, we have a lot of young people. The purpose of the question is different, it goes aside.”